Letter Writing Campaign to End Horse Slaughter – Email Us Your Letters Now!

Join the children's letter writing campaign!

Join the children’s letter writing campaign!

  • This campaign began as an effort to help Save North American Horses from slaughter, Equine Welfare Alliance in cooperation with Congressman Jim Moran Letter Writing Campaign to Congress and the President of the United States,  and in Canada Alex Atamanenko,  MP of BC Southern Interior.  We are asking everyone to engage their friends, family and associates in the civic process of affecting positive change through the petitioning of their governments.
  • We now have entered into Phase 2 of the project which is a multifaceted approach which in addition to children writing letters (phase 1), we are also now gathering letters from adults, focusing on a media campaign to help educate the general public on the issue of horse slaughter and how fight to end the slaughter of US horses once and for all.
  • We have a radio PSA which is available, we will be focusing on getting the word out into our local papers as well as national media outlets through; articles, radio interviews, TV coverage, handing out flyers at local events both horse related and non horse related. We are open to new ideas and suggestions and welcome contacts with media.
  • For more information on the horse slaughter issue please visit:
  • These three sites are dedicated solely to eradicating horse slaughter for human consumption in the US and Canada as well as the transport and export of US horses for slaughter.  Our goals are:
  1. The passage of Senate Bill 1176 and House Bill 2966 the American Slaughter Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
  2. Ensuring the defunding of the inspection of horse slaughter by the USDA in the Ag Appropriation Bill by the inclusion of the Moran Amendment
  3. Passing Canadian Bill C-322 An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption)
  • Final date for submission of American letters is September 15th, 2012 with presentation in DC on September 20th, 2012. In addition, the videos being collected by  Saveourhorses.org will be presented as well as the signatures from the Change.org petition.
  • Remember we are also still collecting letters from children at the same address and the Children’s page is located here on Facebook  or on the web at the Equine Welfare Alliance.
  • Address Canadian Letters (one page maximum please)  to:

Click Here to Mail Your Letter!

Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior

(Please remember to include your full name and at least the town/city you live in).

<——– Click the Gmail Icon to send your letter!  I’ll print it and send it on for you!  Easy Peasy!  If you use internet email only – email me @campaigntoendhorseslaughter@gmail.com

In the letters we recommend the following talking points.

    • Taxes/Budget – the food safety budget was cut.taking away money from inspecting animals we raise as food and which we eat, to inspect a meat not raised under food safety guidelines.  Money would be better spent ensuring that better inspection of current food stuffs be completed so that outbreaks of listeria, e coli, salmonella, etc do not occur and lives are not lost as a result.
  • Food Safety – we have strict guidelines under which our food animals must be raised, yet horses are not raised for food under those food safety guidelines.  We give our horses which are banned by the FDA, CFIA and EUFSA from use in ANY animal intended for human consumption at any time in it’s life.  Currently CFIA tests about 600 out of 400,000 animals for Phenylbutazone contamination.  The FDA classifies horses as companion animals.
  • Horse Slaughter was not and is not humane.
  • There are other options to handle horses who’s owners find themselves in financial straights and those options are being expanded all over the country.  It’s time the govt and  the breed registries get behind these options.  Hay banks, shelter in place programs, retraining options, low cost gelding and euthanasia.

In addition if you are physically mailing your letter via the Facebook campaign, please include a copy of it, also if you have a horse, cut off the label on a product you use, de-wormer, Bute, etc… and attach it to the letter and make a copy as well.

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    • The Canadians are not the ones eating our horses. The owners of the Canadian slaughter plants export the meat back to the EU, just like they did when slaughter plants were in the US. You need to bone up a bit on this subject.

      • Canadians don’t eat horsemeat?
        Horsemeat is sold at butchers and restaurants in Toronto, Calgary, Quebec, and Ontario.
        Last time I was in Quebec, “Quack and Track” was all the rage.
        Who needs to ‘bone up’?
        Canadians need to stop EATING, SELLING, and EXPORTING American horses!
        Backward barbarians.

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  3. Geraldine ~ The majority of Canadians do NOT eat horse meat. Quebec is the only province where there is a significant amount of horse meat consumed, as this is a French custom and Quebec is largely French. Just because something is offered in a restaurant doesn’t mean a lot of people are ordering it.

    Do you have a problem with Canada and/or Canadians? Do you understand that this blog belongs to a Canadian? Geez, I hope you’re not an American!

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  5. Stopping the slaughtering will certainly curtail the dining. This is not the time to throw rotten tomatoes at the Canadian people who have created a united front with the Americans. There are people all over the globe who will eat just about anything you put on their plate and call Gourmand. It’s the business of horse slaughter for human consumption that needs to be stopped. Laws limit people choices. We have to keep this concept in our thoughts to stay focused on the prime objective which is the Laws that govern Canada and the United States; and getting those laws passed.

  6. A scientific poll taken in Canada clearly indicated that 64%+ of us are OPPOSED to this barbaric industry. Our problem, the present federal Conserative Govt. led by Canadas first EMPORER Stephen Harper prefers dictatorship verses the clear wishes of the PUBLIC. who elected him. Considering this, Bill C322 does not stand a chance of passage that would essentially put an end to this Govts. participation in this barbaric industry.The only way this industry will be halted is for the present U.S. BILL that could be passed but is stalled to become law, or have President Obama intervene.I commend the U.S. public 80%+ for their efforts in temporarily halting what is clearly cruel and inhumane.As for Canadas first EMPORER, you should be ashamed.

  7. Letter sent, posted on facebook & twittered. I have the magnets on my truck as well. The looks & comments I get from those magnets…there are a lot of people out there that have NO idea what is happening to our horses!….This is the letter I just sent…..

    Being involved in the slaughtering of horses for money is not a profession to be proud of. Just look at all the horse magazines & see the amount of products that go into & on to horses. How could their meat be non-toxic? How could you ever do enough tests on all of these products to know which ones are causing harm? There are the obvious drugs that are given to horses on a daily basis, that are tested for…but what about the rest?

    Horse slaughter is not humane euthanasia. Horse are flight animals & move away from any pressure. This fact is the basis of horse training. Horses have been faithful companions serving mankind for centuries! Is this anyway to treat a friend? As an owner of rescued horses I can say that there is ALWAYS options to horse slaughter. Horse rescues, retraining centres ect. As a Canadian I am ashamed that we are part of the process of the killing & the eating of our companion animals!

    Thank you for all that you do to stop the torture & slaughter of horses in Canada.

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