Equine Magazine Praises Bill “Slaughter Is A Wonderful Option” DesBarres

Equine Consumers Guide 2012 Cover

Equine Consumers Guide 2012 Cover

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Bill DesBarres,  horsemeat pimp and paid representative of Claude Bouvry,  has been honoured by the Equine Consumers’ Guide with  “Reader’s Choice” award for “A Lifetime In The Service Of The Horse.”  Of course, the saccharine-sweet article  doesn’t mention anything about slaughter – so if you need a quick sugar rush,  you could always print it out,  chop it into a million pieces and pour it into your morning cuppa – it’s THAT sweet.

How can it be that a group or person who promotes “humane handling of horses throughout all their life stages” can promote horse slaughter?  And are the editors of this mag truly unaware of the raison d’ être of the Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC)?  HWAC’s formation began in response to Canada’s anti-slaughter movement, prompted by the CHDC’s first investigative report, “Black Beauty Betrayed” in 2008. The true purpose of HWAC  is not horse welfare, but the promotion and support of North America’s horse slaughter industry,  aided by the partnership with the elbows-up, stick-swinging, trash-talking Sue Wallis.  If any of its chairs or board members were TRULY interested in protecting the interests of equines,  this organization would have been set up long beforehand,  and it would NOT include slaughter!

Not only should we be offended by this attempt to whitewash the HWAC in a mainstream horse publication,  but we should let the editors know that DesBarres has made a career out of accusing horse welfare advocates of “vicious, unprincipled campaigns of stalking, harassment, and threats” (in an email campaign sent from “info@ieqbassn.org”) and accuses HSUS,  the Equine Welfare Alliance,  Animals Angels etc.  of “terroristic activities.”  I guess he’s afraid of calling people a “terrorist” outright,  so couches his comments in terms that he thinks he can get away with from a libel perspective.  I see what you did there Bill!

In any case, these terms are used by those who believe “hate” is acceptable in our culture.  If you talk with animal rights activists, you will find that many are also involved with humanitarian causes such as hunger, poverty, sweatshops, feminism, marriage equality, LGBT or civil rights.   I don’t know anyone who’s committed a “terrorist” or “terroristic” activity,  unless you’re including every shout-down that occurs on Facebook as a “terrorist” activity.  If that’s the case,  I’m sure the FBI Division of “Facebook Insults and Butt-hurts” will be eager to take your statements so they can get on the case!

With extreme prejudice,  he goes on to claim that these aforementioned organizations “trample on the rights to life, liberty, and property.”   There’s that recurring theme of property rights we hear so frequently in the discussion of horse slaughter.  I firmly believe that if horse slaughter advocates had been around in the 30s and 40s they would probably be screaming at the top of their lungs over the institution of zoning.    Having an unfettered right to do whatever you want with your property is actually a wrong,  and reasonable people understand why. How many of us would want to live next-door to someone who played mariachi music non-stop,  or someone who burns their garbage in oil drums every week?

DesBarres "pays back" his horses by slaughtering them

All the colleagues who praised him in this article are anonymous! And how come the only pic I ever find of him makes him look like a remedial student of Diane Horner’s school of cowboy hip-hop?

I would assume that these magazines are also unaware that DesBarres has  fought against those who seek protection for horses,  by attempting to repudiate footage from four separate equine slaughter plants has been aired between 2008 and 2011 and all showed appallingly cruel treatment of horses, including in the Bouvry plant in 2010.  The Bouvry video was taken Feb. 19th,  and the CHDC linked a Lethbridge radio station playing in the background to that date.  A song list from that day matches what is heard on the video. The RCMP have already determined that it is authentic and that no changes had been made to the videos,  so that should be good enough for anyone,  including DesBarres.  In a court of law it would stand the test of cross examination as evidence.  However,  Bill insists that the video was fabricated somehow,  perhaps with highly-trained stunt horses as a direct-to-video slasher movie.  He must think that the CHDC has a production budget in the millions!

The videos were extracts from 10 hours of film and were taken on random days, which is fairly good evidence that what was presented went on every single day.  The investigation of Natural Valley Farms took place over half a year.  One could surmise that there is a correlation between the absence of CFIA inspectors from the kill box area and the appalling cruelty evidenced in the videos.  The Inspectors have been absent from the floor for several years now by order of CFIA management. The management. order arose from safety concerns raised by and for  CFIA Inspectors in 2007 when firearms began being used to stun the horses – so you could say their roles are basically administrative at this point,  even though it is their job to supervise and monitor the kill box process.

DesBarres has continually praised the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) at every opportunity.  In the Forking and Spooning audio discussion (you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to this dry heave-inducing segment a second time) on the wonders of horse slaughter,  he slaughters all his horses and never considers euthanasia under any circumstances.   DesBarres also partners up with Dr. Martin Appelt of the CFIA,  who is on-hand to promote the deadly Premarin®/Prempro® industry whilst referring to menopause as a “disease”  that requires treatment (apparently,  with Premarin®).  Personally,  I’d rather not get  advice on the function of any of my lady bits from a veterinarian, thank you very much.  Of course the CFIA is not going tell anyone that the conjugated equine estrogen industry originates in the misery of thousands of mares and foals.

By praising DesBarres,  the mag (un)knowingly downplays or ignores:

  • Documented lack of enforcement by the CFIA
  • The pressure placed on workers and veterinarians  to ignore  cruelty violations and to instead keep the slaughter lines going while animals suffer.
  • Undercover surveillance footage that shows horses being repeatedly bludgeoned.
  • DesBarres’ accusations that animal advocates,  a large section of their readership,  are borderline criminals merely for exposing cruelty.  Most countries protect their whistleblowers – but animal activists and those who video cruelty in slaughterhouses are routinely excoriated.
  • Virtually non-existent testing protocols for phenylbutazone and other veterinary drugs – sampling frequency too low to be meaningful for public health purposes.
  • They lend credence and legitimacy to someone who denies factual and legitimate evidence that horses are being inhumanely treated.

Contact the Equine Consumers Guide here

About heatherclemenceau

Hopefully as I've grown older I've also grown wiser, but one thing I've definitely become cognizant of is the difference between making a living and making a life. Frequently outraged by some of life's cruelties, and respect diversity. But.....I don't suffer fools gladly, and occasionally, this does get me into some trouble! I have the distinction of being the world's worst golfer - no wait, I do believe that there is a gypsy in Moldavia who is a worse golfer than I. Nor am I much of a dancer - you won't see a booty-shakin' flygirl routine from me! I'm also not the kind of cook who can whip up a five-course meal on a radiator either! And I've never figured out how to get an orchid to bloom a second time. I love to discuss literature, science, philosophy, and sci-fi , or even why Seinfeld is funny on so many levels. Words move me. I'm very soft-hearted about most things, especially animals, but I have a stoicism about me that is sometimes interpreted incorrectly. I do have a definite edge and an often "retro-adolescent" sense of humour at times. I'm a big advocate of distributed computing projects to advance science. Check out http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ if you want to find out more. I'm an eclectic plant-based eater, and as such, it's a personal practice of mine to seduce innocent meat-eaters into cruising the (salad) bars at every opportunity. You would be powerless to resist. I was recently surprised to find that a computer algorithm concluded that I write like Dan Brown, which is funny because I didn't think Dan Brown could actually write. Check out your own style - http://iwl.me/ Oh, and I love impractical shoes and funky hats.

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  1. One can only imagine that the “Readers” whom awarded this must be representatives from the Canadian meat industry –

    Based on this magazine’s criteria for recognition within the equine industry, they could declare Axel Hinz-Schleuter and Dale Huber “Breeders of the Year”…

    This is not only disgusting, it is an offence to real horsemen and women everywhere.

    • You are so right Kathy, i sent the magazine a email, letting them know how they should do their homework before printing and a few other things, its very upsetting because it does the article brain wash people with sick minds.,

    • Yes, surely there are a number of other individuals who actually work for equine advocacy – HWAC has thrown up a few “token” articles on welfare but they have far more articles on “meat.” DesBarres has gotten several horse associations to post EID forms directly on their websites – an express lane for slaughter.

  2. Don’t know. I don’t know anything about the charter for the IEBA or the HWAC. Bill may be self appointed, but they do have “designated spokespeople” who may or may not be able to vote. http://www.horsewelfare.ca/contact

    Of course, he is closely linked with the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) through Jack De Wit and Gary Yabbadabbadoo (I can’t pronounce his last name to save my life)

    Ontario – Gary Yaghdjian (OEF Past President) Tel 905-649-1342 Cell 905-424-0078
    Executive Committee
    Jack De Wit (OEF Board Member) Tel 905-424-4666
    Bill DesBarres (Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF), Chair Breeds & Industry, and HWAC President Tel 403-526-1070 Cell 403-529-7237

  3. I am trying to raise the google rank of several articles on the restaurant owner and HWAC/DesBarres, and then start a campaign of communicating with a lot of these associated groups. It’s starting to bear fruit – some of my pages are ranking pretty high now – depending on organic keywords, they are appearing on the same page as these associations themselves.

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  5. It’s always about money with the pro-horse slaughterists; making and/or saving it, and they won’t let little ol details like cruelty, inhumaneness, horse meat loaded with drugs, breeders mass producing more and more horses year after year mainly because they have a FREE disposal system in place instead of having to PAY anywhere from $200-$1000 per horse to humanely euthanize them and dispose of the body, etc.
    All anti-horse slaughter supporters can do is keep getting the word out to what I call “the uninformed, naive general public” who often have no idea what horse slaughter is all about and who it benefits. Give me 5 minutes with one of these naive but usually good hearted people, and I turn them around 99 times out of 100, and that one person goes away with a lot to think about to most often come around to my way of thinking ultimately.
    We are having an impact on the general public and the horse murderers are running scared, just as the anti-wild horse and burro people are running scared about that issue too. You can always tell when people are getting nervous because they ramp up their bad deeds to do as much damage as they can before they are shut down completely. We’re getting to them, so keep up “the push” and we will be victorious and save A LOT of horses from a grim, horrific death.

  6. To the less than intelligent people who believe this Extreme B/S. You people are nothing more than==Pond Scum , What your less evolved minds have to know about this situation is that. Horses are unusually intelligent animals , they never forget a person, or place, be it a positive, or negative. experience.. They have deep feelings , including, Love and Devotion . Obviously, you cannot fathom the importance of the Animal, who helped build America . They were our everything,,kept the mail going , helped people in distress ,even get them to Doctor Hospital if necessary . They are faithful, know pain and love and are==more worthy than the imbeciles that agree with this Article The Preposterous idea of using Pregnant Mares for Premarin . You people will receive the Karma due to you == if you cant look at a Horse and see one of G-ds most amazing works,, You’re = Stupid = Heartless, and deserve a worse fate than our beloved Horses are getting. Imagine Killing the Thing that brought you to this point in History==May G-d NOT FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR TRESPASSES Ive heard the word critter, varmint ==You All are ==Just Vermin

  7. Do any of you people have a clue what is going on in the world today?? YOU have caused a disaster of unimiganible proportions by fighting against horse slaughter. The blood of the tens of thousands of starving animals are directly due to YOUR actions. The federal government currenty estimates that 160,000 to 180,000 horses are in danger of starvation this winter. Let me give you a small sample of what is going on TODAY in August 2012.

    My neighbor has two pastures with a total of about 45 horses. He was severly injured in an accident and was in a coma for three months this spring. He did survive, and is now home, but has no income. I have been “chipping in” to take care of the horses this summer, free of charge. However, my hay crop first cutting was 80% hailed out, and the second cutting was almost an entire loss due to the severe summer drought. We are now heading into the fall with no hay and the pasture will be grazed off by Thanksgiving. Hay is now selling over $300 per ton, and NO ONE has it for sale. I have had a dozen calls from local area horse lovers desparate for anything that resembles hay. THERE IS NONE!!

    Even if you do gooders were able to scrounge up some cash to try and feed these horses, that won’t instantly grow food that dosn’t exist!! Sooo, we now head into winter with nothing to feed 45 horses, and dozens of neighbors in the same condition. All ranchers have alloted ALL of their feed for cattle as a matter of survival, which is disaster for everyone trying to feed a horse.

    Congratulations to all of you who believe horses are exempt from starvation because they are “cute” “friendly” and “smart”. Get your check books out because it is going to cost hundreds of millions to keep horses from starving this winter.

    Why are you people also not protesting the slaughter of cows, pigs, and chickens?? Because they are “dumb”??

    Another story that came out in the past few days– In Nebraska, the humane society has been forced to lock their gates due to the hundreds of horses that people have been dumping on them in the middle of the night… and its only August…. wait till February when things start to really get desparate.

    This problem coveres the entire midwest and Rocky Mountains. There is NOTHING to feed them and getting ugly in a hurry. Do YOU have room to care for a few thousand horses?? Get your checkbook out and show the love….

    You tell me what the “humane” thing to do with horses that are facing SEVERE STARTATION this winter?? Why don’t you lovers step up to the plate?? Please tell me how you plan to feed the 45 horses on my pastures…. I have no charity left….and can’t get hay at any cost.

    What are the options for me and the tens of thousands of other horse owners. 1) Dump and run and hope someone else will figure it out. 2) Turn them loose in the desert with the mustangs or in the mountains and hope they survive on their own? 3) Hope you humane people will come up with millions of dollars to buy non existant hay? 4) Buy bullets and “do the humane thing” 5) Hope someone opens a slaughter house and does the humane thing?

    Time for YOU to step up and take the lead…. I know you won’t….. You will hide in the corner and pretend you don’t know… then point fingers and scream foul when people get desparate this winter. Congradulations on living in your fantisy world.

    • Hey Dwain, Mass production breeders, mostly QH’s, Arabians, some Paint Horse breeders and of course TB racehorse trainers and owners of horses that are too slow and/or break down, have been running their racket of FREE disposal of their horses to slaughter for long before the current disasterous situation that is now befalling us partially because of the drought, but mostly because of the greed of our typical hay growers and brokers selling hay to Japan, China and India. Were you ranting before the bad elements were in place, about how we *need* horse slaughter, or are you just ranting now because of “the perfect storm” of economic crisis, your neighbors bad luck, the drought, and greedy jerks that are gouging people on hay pricing, etc? And before you attack me; I have been rescuing hundreds of horses from going to slaughter (and I am not a non-profit, so I do not ask for, nor do I receive donations to help with taking care of any of the rescued animals I have) because of people just like you that use horse slaughter as a FREE disposal system that is in place so you don’t have to be humane when the rugs pulled out from underneath you, you just don’t feel like taking care of the horses you took responsibility for, it’s hot out and you don’t feel like sweating feeding all those pesky horses, or whatever the current excuse is to dispose of horses.

      However, this issue is NOT really about the typical backyard horse owner and/or backyard breeder and IS all about mass production breeders who are offered monetary incentives by associations and organizations to produce foals and register them to bring more money into their coffers; these associations (most particularly the AQHA, but also a few other well known breed associations) couldn’t care less what happens to the horses once they are registered because they’ve collected their money. And then we have the idiot trainers who start horses in rigorous training as long yearlings and early two year olds to try and get them ready to be competitive in the high $$$ 2 and 3 year old futurities. After that, if they’ve been competitive and are a mare or stallion, they *may* go to the breeding shed for a long or short while even if they are no longer sound, but I often still end up seeing older breeding stock horses, or even younger stock thats been phased out of a breeding program, at the weekly kill sales. However, for the poor geldings who either don’t make it in competition or perhaps did alright but are no longer sound because they have navicular syndrome, blown-out hocks, popped knees, bowed tendons, bone chips, arthritis, fractures, etc, off they go to slaughter; really nice reward, huh? And then of course we also have the PMU farmers who have the free disposal system in place for their used up mares and also the by-product foals that are produced.

      So yes, I do know what it costs to feed horses, and have my checkbook and/or credit card out most every day, because I’m currently feeding close to 50 horses and other large animals and my hay bill last year was well over $40,000. I am also NOT a rich person, I never take vacations, I opted to not have human children because I couldn’t afford to raise children AND rescue animals too, and I work my butt off at manual labor in my business of working on foreclosed homes (funny though, but I’ve found abandoned dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, guinea pigs, and even fish at abandoned homes, and I’ve also found the dead bodies of animals locked in abandoned homes, but I have never found an abandoned horse, burro, mule, or pony) at 53 years old, 7 days a week including last Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day too in order to take care of all these horses, burros, a mule, a pet steer, and numerous dogs, cats, ferrets and chickens. I’ve also been a professional in the horse industry for nearly 40 years in many different areas including as a trainer in dressage, hunter/jumpers, some western events, pleasure/trail riding horses, as a judge and horse show manager, as a radio show host of an animal program, and as an instructor of an accredited equine management course. I have also NEVER sent a horse to slaughter; hmm, why is that? Because I’m not a low-life scumbag running a racket of disposing of horses for FREE at inhumane slaughter, that’s why!

      Quit making excuses and rationalizing about “why” we need horse slaughter when we clearly do not. Simply tell your breeder friends to STOP producing horses by the thousands, and tell your futurity trainer friends to stop starting horses so young in rigorous training, and a lot of the so-called excess horse issue will disappear. You should also warn them that the rest of us anti-slaughter folks are going to force them to STOP IT and behave themselves by exposing them for the unethical, uncivilized, sociopaths that they are. And as for what to do with the horses that your neighbor can’t afford to feed? I’m sure a rescue can help him collect enough donations to have those horses either fostered until homes can be found, or they can be humanely euthanized (and yes, humane includes a well placed bullet to their brain by a person experienced in that type of euthanasia) and disposal of the bodies…..that would be a much kinder fate than those horses being subjected to the horror and pain of slaughter. And BTW, there are some options available to people to feed their horses for 1/2 of what they are paying now and it isn’t that time consuming or difficult to do. Maybe if horse slaughter wasn’t so readily available, more people would actually use their brains and research solutions instead of being so damn lazy and defeatist all the time….oh, that’s right, most people nowadays are dumb sheeple and don’t know how to think anymore, so they rely on other people to tell them what to do, don’t think about the inhumanity of your solution of horse slaughter, and take the easy way out whenever possible even if the animals are the ones to suffer a horrible death.

    • I feel for anyone who is struggling to feed horses (or any animal) in a drought. But what disaster have we caused? A drought? Horse slaughter did not exactly end in the US – people are still slaughtering horses and sending them to Canada and Mexico. Please wake up – Canada is experiencing drought conditions as well and we have slaughter. We still have abandonment issues and people struggle to feed horses and other animals.

      But what slaughter proponents going to do when they find there is no EU market? You’d better hope China and other 2nd and 3rd world countries aren’t “smart” enough to know about the dangers of North American horses. The EU, the primary export market, has recently implemented its own heightened food safety requirements for horse meat. While most of these requirements already apply to meat from American horses, the requirements soon to apply to American horses will prohibit the importation of horse meat from horses who are not accompanied by lifetime treatment records. Because virtually all American horses currently lack these records, and because it is virtually impossible to create or obtain such records, American horses will be ineligible for sale to any EU member-nation.

      That being the case, you may have to pay to have your horses slaughtered and not the other way ’round. Will that responsibility fall to us as well? You already expect taxpayers who are opposed to slaughter to pay for inspector to the tune of $5 million per year, all to benefit a non-North American market. If you thought that Chevideco would keep profits in the US, think again – the Belgians will take their money back to Belgium, as they have with all other US plants they’ve run in the past.

      But you own these 45 horses, why is it anyone else’s responsibility to feed them? Are you operating a horse rescue? If you’ve lost a job or have a medical emergency etc. you can start here – http://www.equineprotectionfund.org/programs.php Or you can shoot them and eat them yourself, or share the meat amongst your neighbours, which is perfectly legal. If I have month-left-at-the-end-of-the-money, I wouldn’t slaughter any horse I owned, and if I was utterly without resources/income and could not place my horse I would have no choice but to surrender her to a rescue, give her to someone who could care for her, lease her, etc. or in the worst possible case, euthanize her humanely.

      As far as the rest of your comments go, you don’t know anything about the people who protest against horse slaughter, many of us protest against other slaughter abuses, and promote equality, women’s rights, LGBT rights, hunger, etc. etc. as I’ve already pointed out in the blog post. It is not only because people care about horses, we care about following the rule of law and we care that people are, unbeknownst to them, getting all these bonus drugs as well.

    • Dear Dwain
      . We Horse lovers are stepping up, feeding, and making a tremendous difference you dont read or see . I myself, saved a 2 year old Horse from the slaughterhouse, why breed T/ Bs and starve them and then throw them to the kill lots ..
      Your neighbors should seek help or contact a rescue or horse Pantry not stand around and let them starve . I live in NYC am a TNR [trap neuter and return of cats and rehab Dogs== , A= Horse- Was NOT on my Agenda . He is 140 miles away In NJ , soon to go to his forever home .
      This is how you manage hard times and problems, you solve them . Keep trippin == You can point your finger at yourself, because you are ignorant and mean =This hail Mary cost me over 3,000 which I dont have ==I worked extra hrs and scrimped and saved ==They ARe WoRtH IT These are not the only Horses I helped save/ feed ===JUst Keep DRIVIn Your Tractor in Circles ==Your mind as WeLL

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