Canada’s Live Export of Horses For Slaughter – Do Canadians Care?


Written By:  Terry Stanislow


This video shows Canadian horses – which have been bred and fed for this purpose – being loaded from sterile feed lots onto trucks, brought to Calgary airport, put into enclosed boxes like they are toasters, and onto planes destined for Japan. This is the kind of shameful trade that seemingly inept Canadian legislators, useless bureaucrats at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and a few greedy, wealthy business people are getting away with while we are not looking.  All this is being driven by the demand of rich, gluttonous Japanese people who want to eat our horses on a plate.

I submit that horses are not produce – they are living, feeling, sentient beings and this is WRONG on a few different levels.

No point in writing to the CFIA about it because you will get the same form letter back that I got, basically justifying the jobs of people who work there. They aren’t even doing their jobs to the fullest extent on a daily basis, (evidence in the video) so not likely they will be able to handle any kind of demand for extra or quality work.

No point in communicating with any of the organizations responsible for animal welfare either because they have convinced themselves that they are fine with this. The people who run this business are seemingly so much smarter then them Horse-Meat-Sashimi-Japanthat it looks like they can’t even figure out a way to deal with it – accept to call it normal and avoid the issue as much as possible.

It’s probably also no coincidence that horses are being shipped from Alberta, the province where horses can be raised more easily like livestock and the population is most likely to accept the practice, being the most acclimatized to a livestock paradigm. This business would stand out like a sore thumb in most provinces.

Transport Canada and Canadian Airport Authorities have the power to stop this as well. Good luck with that. They would be as bureaucratic as the CFIA and it would take five years just to strike up a task force to consider the question.

Who you gonna call? I don’t know – the Canadian system, as always, is a wasteland of inaction, mindlessness and reactive bad decision making. Those responsible are like that famous bull who just “goes where he’s pushed” and at the moment, those who are getting rich off of this brutal industry are pushing harder than other Canadians who claim to be “animal lovers” or “horse lovers”.

Horses under pressureIt would appear that these slimy characters are getting away with carrying on this business because, it appears that, although most Canadians love THEIR OWN animals or horses, they are not truly “horse lovers” in the larger sense of the word.  Or perhaps they don’t have a minute or two to consider the plight of the horses in this video or they don’t care to speak out against it, sign a petition, write to a legislator, or anything else. There are many around the world openly opposing and fighting against this kind of activity – apparently not many in Canada, where we slaughter the American horses because their population doesn’t want it – and don’t mind telling their legislators that – over and over again.  Ultimately though,  the business interests just won’t take their mitts and bats and go home. They keep introducing new legislation to re-open slaughterhouses – which we valiantly beat down – it’s a vicious circle and never-ending game, but it CAN be won if enough people care to do something about it.

So, what I am interested in knowing – are there enough Canadians who care enough about this practice to take the first step and admit that they think it is wrong and publicly say that, or is the real problem simply that Canadian “horse lovers” really just don’t give a hoot – or maybe think that this is OK, and not something to get excited about? Is it possible that people just don’t know about it? Really – what is going on here?

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Thanks to those who respond – whether or not you play along, I will get my answer, because those who don’t are obviously either 1 or 4.

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      • Word should be spread on TV shows. All these actors and actresses who say they are animal supporters, where are they? On PETA alone is nothing. And the media, do they care?

      • We are trying to get the word out and have the mainstream media pick up the news. Whenever we find compassionate journalists who will write about these things, many papers in Canada start writing about horse recipes and restos that serve horse. So it’s a constant dance of “one step forward and two steps back.”

    • I wrote the veternarian in charge of exporting animals in Canada she says “It’s fine! The shipping crates are large enough, no horses ever go together, no problem !” Transport Canada never answered. what now? Our government agencies are either so corrupt as to rival any in the world or so browbeaten by Big Ag we might as well not have them and save the salaries.

      • I was sent an email a couple of years ago showing 3 draft horses in one crate. Two were facing forward and the other backwards.

      • Horses cannot fit in those crates..Draft horses no way can fit properly in those crates..and I am sorry..does anyone want to travel like that in a cramped crate? This is cruel for horses

      • Correct, However, we have to look for a way to stop it, and IATA rules stipulate that horses must not be multi-packed (among other issues). However, both the IATA and the airlines refuse to even acknowledge that there are regulations, at least thus far.

    • It is unfortunate that these same heartless, greedy people keep getting elected. We are lucky that here in the US there are a few legislators that do care about equines, both wild and domestic like Jim Moran, Pete DeFazio and Raul Grijalva. Unfortunately Moran is retiring. It is also appaling that so very many citizens are apathetic and lazy. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have heard “that’s terrible, why doesn’t somebody do something”. Those are the same people to “are too busy”, even though many are retired.

  1. I emigrated from the UK in 2011, I am an actual horse owner & lover who has rescued 3 horses since Oct 12 thatwere destined for slaughter, I cannot believe that the Canadians do not give a hoot about what a horse has to go through….. Barbaric and sickening, I hope this stops and stops soon 😦

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  3. I am not afraid to speak up and against horse slaughter !. It is wrong on so many levels. My group is fully aware of my feeling towards slaughter and I must say that the biggest response we get is that “”I would not send my horse for slaughter but I am not against slaughter””. I do truely believe that if people really saw with their own eyes what an equine goes through from the trailer ride with no water, food and crammed in like a pack of sardines to the feedlots to the final walk into the slaughter plant and experience what a “”flight animal”” feels and sees and smells through their eyes, most will not accept that this is truely what happens. Out of sight out of mind.

  4. Horse slaughter doesn’t really affect Canadians anywhere except in their pockets. So why should anyone care? The Europeans are waking up to the grave reality that their health and confidence have been affected by toxic horse meat. Canada’s population isn’t affected since most of that horsemeat is shipped elsewhere. When horse slaughter becomes non-profitable, the cows and pigs will still continue to suffer, maybe quadruple-suffer. There is no end to our lack of respect for other forms of life and their right to a quality of life. But that shouldn’t be reason enough to silence those of us who care and believe in change.

    • ” Horse slaughter doesn’t really affect Canadians anywhere except pockets”.
      Obviously, its $profit/greed$ based, but there’s a lot more to it than just money alone
      for Canadians as well.

      • What “a lot more” are you referring to? Every step of the process as far as we can see is about money for Canadians – even more so – since most of the population do not eat the toxic horse meat (that is, if you believe that ;-). Canada is an exporter of materials and an importer of those manufactured goods. Nuff said 🙂

  5. the picture of the horses all gathered up reminds me of a picture I saw years ago of dogs alive, piled on top if each other.. in China, so they could kill them and eat them.. This image of the horses in the same situation only further confirms the greed and the step those greedy people will take to get money.. by any means possible regardless of what the majority of people want. so those greedy rick sinful evil people can have what they want. and they will be judged for these actions. That is the only solace I can find, I know they will suffer for their evil killing actions.

  6. We have a supplier in Yelm WA that invented the boxes to transport via air live draft colts for slaughter in Japan. He’s evil! He’s probably subsidized with our tax money.

    An airport worker says it’s not unusual for these colts to be left on the tarmack for 20 hours before being loaded for a 20 hr trip to Japan.

    I would like to get info on his business like taxes, subsidies etc.

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  8. Over 50 % of the people are pretty shocked about this. I am wondering Justin Trudeau is an enviromentalist and I am just thinking if we could get a hold of him and talk to him about this. Is there a way. Actually I might know of someone who might know how to get a hold of him. I am going to try for sure. We have to stop this. I wanna know where is Prime Minister Harper and his wife. She fosters for the humane society. I am putting bugs in your ears, Lets pull together and stop this. We already have over 50%. Thankyou

    • Justin Trudeau is an environmentalist?? Isn’t he the same jerk who posed with his wife and kids all decked out in fur one year for a Christmas card?? That’s not very environmentally-friendly, IMO. I don’t see him as being particularly animal-welfare-conscious.

  9. Twenty five years ago I joined the IFAW to help stop the slaughter of baby seals by Canada. Sadly for some Canadians it is all about profit and money, I am ashamed to be in this country where such travesties occur. Wake up Canada do we really want this face shown to the world again?

  10. I didn’t participate either since I’m not Canadian, but I know many in Canada are fighting just as hard as we in the US are fighting…..may we be successful in both countries.

  11. I posted your information some time ago on a horse forum from the U.S. that has mostly Canadian followers. There was very little feedback. I also post slaughter articles just to annoy them. My thread has had a lot of viewers but very few replies. The viewers are either afraid of voicing their opinion or else just don’t care enough to be bothered. Horse forum people should be interested in horse welfare but they are not. People who don’t own horses will gladly sign the petition for Bill C322 but breeders will not. It is really disheartening as all they seem to care about is money.

    • First, Harper is a two faced unethical politican who by the way SANCTIONED this barbaric industry. Please do not tell me his wife and kids are not aware of what is goining on and who SANCTIONED this bloody industry. As for Justin Trudeau, I wrote him not long ago about this outrage requesting a reply. Good thing I was not holding my breath, I would be dead. I follow federal politics[ it,s enough to make anyone THROWUP] and i believe Bill c322 is dead in the water, as the Conservative majority fully intends two vote against it. It,s not that the Canadian PUBLIC do not care, most Canadian,s are unaware of the killing of Horses on an industrial scale that is taking place. Further anyone who follow,s federal politics in this country are, or shuould be aware of the fact they are being governed by an individual that is clearly a bulley, lier, unethical, dictator and does not give a dam what or how the Canadian PUBLIC view this atrocity. IT IS PART OF HIS JOBS, GROWTH AND PROSPERITY PLAN.

    • Jean, I have posted articles I have written as well as those by CHDC on the Barnmice blog section. They just don’t seem to want to be distracted from cute pictures and advice on feed. I was hugely disappointed and was trying to introduce that audience to articles that were not graphic and did not cover difficult topics requiring an understanding of the “backstory” about slaughter.

  12. I have had horses my entire life but many people even in the horse world really don’t know all of the facts. The horse as an animal has never been solely bred or maintained for a meat animal. They have been THE most influential creature in man’s ability to conquer lands, win wars, farm the crops, and still act as a companion and friend.
    I have a horse rescue and our main emphasis is pulling slaughter bound horses and giving them 2nd chances. I hope that Canada someday soon realize that this exploitation is simply wrong and disgusting.

  13. This is an outrage. Enough with the abuse of horses! This has got to stop. They are feeling animals. They don’t deserve to be treated so cruelly for food! People can eat something else. This is beyond horrible. I hope more and more get upset by this.

  14. I already had a problem with the Japanese and their “cuisine” re: dolphins and eating live creatures. I was fortunately interrupted from watching the video by a phone call, but do not need to see it to be upset. The need to torture these animals by crating and shipping them so that the meat will be fresh does not surprise me. Disgusting people.

  15. Let me preface – I have owned horses for over 50 years. First error – the photo you used of horses crowded and possibly fighting was of saddle type horses not the draft type horses shown in the video and appears to have been taken in EU not the US or Canada – we don’t spend the money or time building stone walls 10+ feet tall. Second error – the white poles you say are electric are not – they are standard sorting poles made from fiberglass used with cattle, hogs, sheep and horses – they keep the handlers out of the reach of hooves and are not inhumane – my kids routinely have sorting pole fights for fun. Third error the draft horses are not being “forced” into trucks – they are hesitant to go up a ramp that they have never seen before but their heads are down and they go up willingly once they see it is solid and safe. Forth error – the crates allow the horses to stand with their heads at a normal calm level – horses do not stand with their heads up for more than a few minutes and that is to get a better look at things. When they are not threatened their heads are about level which when in the crates gives them at least a foot of head space. Fifth error – flight time from Canada to Japan is just over 10 hours – it takes 14 hours to load, ship to airport, unload, reload into crates and on to planes? I don’t think so. Sixth and BIGGEST ERROR – horses are livestock!!!!! When do you take your horse to bed with you? When do you let your horse sit on your lap? When your small children run into the stall or pasture do you stand back and laugh and watch or do you tell them to be careful because the horse can hurt them? Horses are domesticated animals which routinely cause death and major injury each and every day. They are amazing animals but they are animals not humans. I am sure that most of the people who are shocked or dismayed or what ever you want to say are not horse owners or if they do own horses – they own one which they board at a stable and pay other people to take care of – they just come and ride their pet which they pay someone else to train for them. So sad people don’t understand what a horse really is.

    • Donna, that photo that you find so objectionable was taken from the Daily Beast article pertaining to horse slaughter. So I’m surprised you think it is representative of something that it’s not. Here’s the link – if you need more pics of drafts you can visit where there is no shortage of draft horses on feedlots for your viewing pleasure. Also, a picture can be metaphorical as well – this is a pic of crowded horses who are fighting, and we all know that horses packed into feedlots or onto trailers don’t travel well with other strange horses and they often fight. Metaphor, look it up.

      You are ignoring the fact that the crating of these horses runs contrary to the CFIA’s own rules about shipping. Aside from that, these horses are packed 2-3 to a crate, and a very flimsy crate at that. I wonder how many horses have been dispatched in mid-flight because they busted out of their crate and started to panic the others? When horses are not eating, I see them stand with their heads erect virtually all the time, so your statement is truly puzzling.

      If you have details on how long it does take to load horses onto a trailer, unload them and put them into crates, seal the crates, wait for handlers to load them onto planes, then please pass that info along. You need to research what happens with livestock involved in the whole live export trade and how long they remain in transit, which is an even worse scenario when it happens by ship.

      Your statement about horses being livestock is your opinion and not a fact. The FDA considers them to be companion animals. So hardly an error on anyone’s part. I have never taken a horse “to bed.” Would that change the definition of livestock for you? Why does it bother you that people board horses? Does that make their opinion somehow less legitimate? According to an APHIS study, the majority of horse owners are those people that you claim get someone else to take care of their horse –

      • We may not care for Donna’s conclusions, but she actually makes some valid points. The sorting poles are obviously not electrical prods, for example. It is too easy for CFIA and others to tune out complaints when they include such obvious falsehoods — they set the tone to doubt everything we have to say. If we care about the horses and want our voices to be heard, we need to stick to the facts.

        Re: transit time — say 2 hours to load trucks, approx. 3 hours to the airport, 3 hours to load crates (I’ve seen it done in 2), 2 hours to load crates onto the main deck of a 747 freighter (good crews can load a 747 in less than an hour).

        Re: crates — the crates are somewhat flexible, but almost certainly not flimsy. Airlines absolutely will not risk damage to their aircraft that could be caused by loose animals.

        Remember: for those who engage in this practice, this is a business. The “customers” on the other side of these trips are paying top dollar and expect to receive healthy horses. They will not tolerate a shipper who sends them (please pardon the vulgarity) “damaged goods”.

        Please, please, please stick to facts. Guesses, exaggerations, and factual errors give people an excuse to ignore the real problems, which ultimately hurts the horses.

      • Shawn wrote: “Remember: for those who engage in this practice, this is a business. The “customers” on the other side of these trips are paying top dollar and expect to receive healthy horses. They will not tolerate a shipper who sends them (please pardon the vulgarity) “damaged goods”.
        It is vulgar and the Japanese don’t give a damn about whether those horses intended as food have injuries from transport. You really can’t be so naive as to think that they inspect the horses for injuries upon arrival? Where is the food and water for the horses in the crates? Talking about “damaged goods” to justify the unjustifiable. Let us tell you, an animal intended for food can crawl out of that crate on four broken legs and it will still be processed. Stop kidding yourself.

      • Shawn, just to clarify a couple of other points. You write, “It is too easy for CFIA and others to tune out complaints when they include such obvious falsehoods — they set the tone to doubt everything we have to say.” Our accountability should be to the animals and the public certainly not to a government Agency that supports inhumane horse slaughter, denies repeatedly that toxic horse meat from our slaughter plants has made its way to Europe and does not even follow its own regulations.

    • WHY do you people insist on using the word “livestock?” It’s meaningless because the definition of livestock in NO way indicates that livestock MUST be food animals. Furthermore, it DOES specify that they are “useful” animals on a “farm or ranch.” In the US at least, a great many – if not the majority – of horses no longer live on farms OR ranches.

      Besides, calling them livestock in no way makes them food animals. I never took my large dogs to bed with me, and they were much too big to sit in my lap. Does that mean they were livestock too? When I hear stories about an animal hurting of killing someone, it’s usually at Pit Bull or Pit mix. I’ve NEVER heard about an aggressive horse deliberately attacking a human. Where are you getting this crap? Making it up as you go?

      Have you ever actually SEEN a modest boarding stable catering to the middle class? I boarded at on for the first 15 years of my horse ownership. I was in Dallas, TX and you’re not permitted to keep a horse in your back yard. NO ONE groomed, saddled, exercised, trained or rode YOUR horse but YOU. I paid $350 a monthly – this was $350 in 1992 – for clean, safe stalls, food and a watchful eye and that’s ALL. Everyone that boards isn’t rich and doesn’t even WANT those services provided. We like to fool with our horses ourselves. No one else has EVER groomed, saddled, trained or ridden any of my horses.

      And I guarantee that I know more about horses AND horse slaughter than you EVER will.

  16. Donna, Quit attempting to defend what the civilized community deems INDEFENCABLE. By any chance could you be a shareholder in Bouvry exports of Alberta?

    • Very good answer…I know Bill desBarres of the Horse Alliance of Canada is pro-slaughter and he has a job with Bouvry Exports and he also used to raise horses for slaughter…the whole business of horse slaughter is inhumane and I think that Donna is not as civilized as some of us Canadians who are deeply ashamed of our government because they look at the 83 Million dollars that they made from the inhumane slaughter of horses in 2012…We have an ugly government that only sees dollar signs and I hope one day they all rot in HELL…bigots…sending toxic horsemeat to other countries…Horses are not food and our government will pay dearly in the future for being so money hungry!. Horses are a flight animal and their adrenalin rush when they are scared will cause cancer to those that eat it…and that has been proven!

  17. Donna, let us preface your preface with you are wrong on so many of your assumptions. Let’s go through a few to spare writing for an hour or so. The ‘normal’ position for any animal is not one position – it is movement and rest. Period. What is not normal is for an animal that requires movement is to stand in one position for hours on end. Then your objection to a stone wall vs a kill pen – which what your nonsense comes to – really makes no difference, The animals are crowded which results in fights, injuries, trampling, and so forth. Draft horses are strong animals and a little prod like your kids play with wouldn’t move a frightened big strong draft horse (by the way, that’s why they don’t want to go on the plank – they are actually frightened – and that’s why an electric prod (hopefully you spare your kids that misfortune) will move anything that’s alive – no kidding – even an elephant and definately a frightened draft horse. Let’s not sugar-coat Donna, you said you have “50 years” of owning horses so let’s be real – if you know anything about draft horses then you know that the toy your kids play with wont have much effect on a large, strong horse like that … lol. As for the time it takes to load, unload blah blah blah … you have no idea. That’s not your forte either. And your ‘biggest error’ – horses are livestock – what a blooper that is! Livestock are very carefully regulated before entering into the food chain whereas horses have no such requirement which is why thousands of people eating toxic horse meat have become very worried. And this one takes the cake = Donna writes “Horses are domesticated animals which routinely cause death and major injury each and every day.” Every day? You sure … lol? Statistically, getting into a car is more dangerous than any horse activity. Maybe keep the kids on a leash around horses 😉 lol

    • Yes some of the Americans want horse slaughter re-introduced: From their perspective, Canada is amassing $millions$ slaughtering American horses. The thinking is that those horses could garner $millions$ for the US economy instead of the Canadian. Horse slaughter is essentially based on economics. People can suddenly justify the unjustifiable and we are really witnessing a horse holocaust of sorts. Our great grandparents would not believe what we have become. Horses were the stoic, proud animals owned by equally adoring humans at one time. There are those of us who are diehards, who refuse to see a horse as just another disposable commodity. Also, someone earlier on wrote about ‘the Japanese want healthy horses’ so that justifies the crating and shipping presumably as being ‘humane’ all in one breadth. In that same breadth, that justifies the treatment of the horses once they are on Japanese soil and being butchered in the slaughter houses. And ultimately, that justifies eating horse. According to which law? According to which bible?

  18. I cannot express in this message how disgusted, literally physically sickened and sad at this. I am beside myself with sadness. I don’t understand why people have to eat every animal that walks this earth. It’s bad enough that we consume cows, pigs, lambs, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys. We are a gluttonous lot. It’s no wonder so many people are ill. I know people won’t stop eating animals but if we are going to keep consuming them we should have to look at how they arrive at our table. I love horses, I used to have one and the thought that this could have happened to her…just kills me. Any horse at the very least should be treated humanely. This world is consumed by the persuit of money and that is a big part of the problem. What’s that saying….The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. People need to take a long hard look at what they consume and not turn a blind eye as if there is no suffering.

  19. I am an American, fighting the same fight here. Heather, this is a good article. I know this cause can wear you down, but we must forge ahead and repeatedly educate everyone we can. Social media, chidren’s fb pages for horses, and newspaper articles are excellent tools. Keep going sista, we are not fighting a losing. battle.

  20. I also want to put out there, that they treat these young foals like lobsters, and the customer goes out to the pen to pick his dinner. The animal is then skinned alive, because they believe it makes it more tender, and more of an aphrodisiac. Their culture is full of superstitions, and this is just but one of them… Keep fighting guys!

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  22. Alberta Wild Horses are our Canadian Heritage .that have Lived in the Foothills of Alberta for Hundreds of yrs.. Long before whiteman ever came there .. We may have Rare Bloodlines that are Very important to the Horse Industry .. of Canada .. Tourism . and much more ..

  23. I, too, am puzzled by the seeming apathy of Canadians when it comes to the horse slaughter situation. As an example, I sent petitions to nine people to circulate in support of Bill C-322 and only two responded (and these are horse people!!!). I just don’t get it. One thing I do know is I will do everything in my power to help these horses until this cruel and inhumane practice is stopped.

  24. I think most people do not let the horrors of animal abuse and exploitation invade their tidy condo style lives. If the did, instead of buying a 300 dollar doggie coat they would use their money and their vote to put an end to it! It is the same in the U.S.A.

  25. Just as “money is the root of all evil” I say greed is the root of all inhumanity…the whole “slaughter pipeline” begins and ends with money and greed..causing all inhumanities against those “paying the price” with their suffering and eventual death…those that live off the dying of these creatures are indeed, inhumane….

  26. I raised and trained my own horses as a youngster, and even rescued, rehabilitated, and trained an abused horse. I was also one of a number of people in the early 1970s who tried to find a way to shut down the slaughterhouse on Hastings Street in Vancouver without landing behind bars. I beleive horses are not intended for consumption on a number of different levels. I absolutely support the end to horse slaughter for meat for and/or by any provinc, state, country, etc, but I must say that I found the article and the way it was written to be very inappropriately postured. Read it again, you may see it. I care, but have not been involved in this particular process, and depending on how you read it, it could be felt that you have already condemned those such as myself due to non involvement prior to determining the cause.

  27. This is truly shocking and very disturbing! This is sickening Inhumane Animal abuse and cruelty! Knowing the fate of these helpless innocent horses is gut wrenching. Japan and China brutally torture animals alive in barbaric and savagery slaughters believing the more pain and suffering an animal endures the tenderer the meat. This is horrific and tragic that Canada is providing and supporting this inhumane cruel brutality. This needs to stop SHAME on Canada!! An electronic petition (ie thru or green planet site etc) needs to be produced ASAP and circulated thru social media Twitter and Facebook. It will reach thousands of Animal Rights people who will rally against this Inhumane and disgusting practice and help put an End to this horrible and cruel practice.

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