IKEA Monkey Trial: A War Of Words With Casualties Mounting


Three monkeys

Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

The Darwin monkey trial is now over (pending a decision from Justice Mary Vallee).   In this blog post,  I’m not going to re-hash issues that have been more than adequately covered by the media;  for some time I’ve wanted to expand upon a previous blog post about the behind-the-scenes train wreck that has raged for months between former owner Yasmin Nakhuda supporters and Story Book supporters.  The “Darling Darwin Monkey” Facebook page has been a place where Ms. Nakhuda’s supporters have threatened to arrest everyone on earth who has responded negatively to their posts.  It’s a place where this group has proclaimed that no one takes them seriously and if you disagree with them, they will threaten to report you to the Secret Service AND the fashion police.  It’s a place where rainbows and unicorn farts are taken as a sign that Darwin will be returned to the plaintiff, rather than by the legal precedent of case law.  And lastly, if you decide to visit this magical Facebook page, be prepared for accusations of physical battery should you endeavour to explain the temperance movement’s expression “the right to swing your arm ends when it hits my face,” (generally credited to Oliver Wendell Holmes).  Those “live free or die” property fanatics will resist any authority that attempts to deny them their perceived right to be a monkey-mom.

423175_153779678103697_2123543659_nOftentimes it is difficult to believe that all that has transpired is over the possessory interest in an illegal Toronto monkey.  During examination, Sherri Delaney, operator of Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary (the defendant) discussed the harassment and threats she and the volunteers received via the supporters and followers of Yasmin Nakhuda’s Facebook page.  The phone calls and internet based threats to kill Ms. Delaney and burn down or otherwise destroy the sanctuary came to the forefront of her testimony.  Someone threatened to bring a “piece” to the first day of court and someone else took pics of supporters inside the courthouse and posted them on the internet.  As a direct result of these behaviours, three people were barred from attending the ongoing custody trial, despite the plaintiff asserting that these individuals had done nothing objectionable.

Story Book Farm supporters have always been compliant with regard to courtroom behaviour, but this courtesy has not always been similarly granted to us by some of the supporters for the plaintiff.  Additionally, people who say it’s their automatic constitutional right to be in court have probably been paying a little too much attention to the arguments put forth by property rights enthusiasts in the US who have flocked to support across-the-board monkey ownership in Canada.  When we come to court we have an expectation that we will be safe and our privacy respected.  When people publish photos taken in a courthouse then we certainly feel that our rights have not been respected and our privacy invaded.  You must have respect for the court and all its participants, that includes refraining from publishing or taking pictures inside the courthouse, which absolutely did happen on May31st and it included Ms. Delaney as well as several of her supporters.

Let me paint faces on some of Nakhuda’s supporters who caused this vitriol – these are people who make shit up and maliciously repeat false information that has bedarwin, monkey mom yasmin nakhudaen disproven in court or is just plan wrong.  Please read comments and accusations made to the supporters in the gallery below.  Fake profiles were used to commit character assassination with impunity.  Hiding behind one such fake profile, Nakhuda supporters uploaded bestiality photos on the sanctuary supporters’ Facebook page.  Others made vindictive accusations designed to bully and undermine the sanctuary.  Other times people supporting the return of Darwin from the sanctuary handed out photocopies criticizing animal advocates to reporters on the court steps. Virtually without fail, the comments on their page and elsewhere on the internet descend into virulency; to the casual reader, lies and truth are difficult to separate.  These are issues that journalists covering the Darwin story haven’t touched upon and were not privy to.

The tension between the two polarized groups was seen in the trial as well,  which is not about who can better care for Darwin, but who rightfully owns him.  At the core of the trial are the issues of whether Darwin is a wild or domestic animal and whether Ms. Nakhuda knowingly surrendered him to Toronto Animal Services.  While Kevin Toyne was considerate and polite in his examinations,  without raising his voice,  Ted Charney addressed Sherri Delaney with disdain,  in a manner that I considered to be rude and presumptive.  Of course some of the DDM supporters take a cue from this and somehow arrive at the conclusion that it’s acceptable behaviour to insult and threaten to pull people’s hair in court.

Plaintiff counsel Charney has maintained that Darwin is not a wild animal as he is wearing a coat and diaper.  Charney’s co-counsel said that Nakhuda did sign a form at animal services surrendering her ownership of Darwin, but the bylaw officers didn’t clearly explain its purpose and she thought she was surrendering the monkey just so they could perform public health tests. It seems incredulous that a real-estate lawyer did not understand that the surrender form she signed was a conveyance of property, which is what Darwin is in this trial – property or chattel.  If she did not understand the context of a “surrender” form, why also did the plaintiff ask to see Darwin at Toronto Animal Services, “one last time?”

In his closing arguments, lawyer for the sanctuary Kevin Toyne stwild versus domestic animals - legal definitionressed that Darwin is a wild animal and, under a doctrine called ferae naturae, can only be owned by the person who possesses him at the time. “The second Darwin got out of the car, Ms. Nakhuda no longer owned him,” he said. Because of the unusual nature of the case, Toyne relied in part on century-old case law, in particular a case of a fox that wandered off its owner’s property and was shot dead by a neighbour. The court determined that the owner lost title to the animal when it left his property,  as Darwin left Nakhuda’s property when he escaped at IKEA. But like “Angry Baby” from the Simpsons,  some of Nakhuda’s supporters whined that Darwin had been stolen, despite being sent to Story Book by Toronto Animal Services,  and being assigned by Justice Brown to stay there until conclusion of the trial.  You need an Allen key (that’s an IKEA joke) to navigate through their “logic.”

Mr. Toyne also pointed out discrepancies in her stories of how she acquired the monkey. Initially, she called Darwin a “gift,” before acknowledging that she paid $5,000 (deep discounted from the original $10,000) to buy him from a mysterious Montreal exotic animal seller. She originally claimed she was looking for a hyacinthe macaw, but was quoted on the internet elsewhere as being enthralled with Japanese macaques after seeing the now infamous  Japanese monkey waiter video.

But who would spend even $5,000  on a pet without a health guarantee and a receipt? Apparently there were no health or vaccination records, and despite this and Darwin’s propensity for nipping and biting, he was still taken “everywhere” including a Quiznos restaurant. In my opinion, these actions, or lack of them, show disregard for the health and safety, not only of Darwin, but of anyone around him.

A recent HuffPo article by PeTA’s Ingrid Newkirk reveals that cyberbullying can result in tragic consequences.  The sanctuary supporters and volunteers deserve support, not cyberbully spite.  I have no problem debating facts, but how to deal with people who respond to facts with personal insults and libel?

If you can’t wait for the South Park episode, read on.  Be advised that some of these posts contain objectionable or even outrageously offensive content. Shit gets real here:

yasmin and sam drawing

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  1. Well said Heather. You know what side of this coin I am on. With all the cat, dogs and other animals facing euthanasia in shelters it confounds me why anyone would spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a non domesticated animal that should never be kept as a pet. If Nakhuda truly cares for Darwin she will let him fulfill his destiny as a monkey and spend her money to insure the safety and welfare of all animals, primates and otherwise.

    • I absolutely agree Richard. So many unwanted cats and dogs out there that need homes. The last thing we need are shelters full of monkeys! Just so ridiculous…

      • Digit, This is off topic but noticed your handle. In my picture that is Digit, the black back mountain gorilla sitting next to me. Just thought I’d mention as your handle has poignant memories for me.

    • All the work Dian and all of you did was absolutely honourable. I feel if not for you guys raising awareness of the threat of the situation regarding the Mountain Gorillas they may not be here today at all…..it was you guys that brought it to the forefront and for that I will always be so grateful ❤

      • Thank you, It was the experience of a life time and I was left with a very good memory so far. Facebook and the pages devoted to mountain gorillas has helped bring back so many memories. To think I was there to witness Titus soon after his birth and a documentary was made about him. I could never have imagined anything close to it at the time. I guess I got to be a small part of history and am ever so grateful for it. It makes me even more resolute to help protect the welfare of all species including primates and support blogs like Heather’s

  2. Such a brilliant and oh so accurate account of what the absolute truth is! Not to mention all the proof you have provided.

    This very reputable sanctuary and its staff need to be praise for sticking by this little guy and only doing what is best for him. He has been through far too much and I look forward to the day it is all over and he stays at the sanctuary for good with his own kind living like a monkey!

    From the breeder, where he was ripped from his poor mother. To the dealer, where he was more than likely abused. To Yasmin, where he was used as a fashion accessory. To the sanctuary. Where he will remain……enough already! What’s best for Darwin is exactly where he has been residing for more than half his life already 🙂

    From observing this trial (which will become a president for like minded cases to come) I can certainly say that it has most definitely exposed the absolute vile and incredibly sketchy business of what is the underground, exotic pet trade……a very sad and filthy look into just how things operate 😦 Ms. Nakhuda is hardly credible and I can only foresee this judge ruling in favour of the sanctuary and DARWIN

  3. Are you joking about teats? Wow with all the posts here from the other side not one was a threat. It seems to me that if there was a threat posted you would have surely kept in and put on here like the ones you have but I see no threats. I’m sure I heard somewhere that owner of barn is a police officer, now if she had the power of banning these people from court, why would she not follow up on those threats and find out who did them? Sounds like a whole lot of bs trying to discredit monkeys mom. Where is the proof for threats? And why would an officer not follow up as it is her duty? Perhaps nothing to follow up? Smells of corruptions.

    • I take threats very seriously Greg, or should I say, Liz? – last time I checked a threat to burn down someone’s property is criminal behaviour. You wish to excuse that? Perhaps you would not mind if someone threatened to burn your garage down, or steal your property and give it to someone else…. While I relish a good debate, I don’t suffer fools gladly, so it’s a requirement to employ the use of common sense when posting here. If you make public threats to bring a “piece” to the first day of court, expect a reaction. Several people have the original poster’s names for all these screen caps made to threaten the sanctuary, anyone can see who made them – no great detective work required.

      You’re not privy to what action Ms. Delaney is taking. In fact, you’re not privy to the actions taken by any one of the Story Book supporters for that matter. Whatever action may be underway is certainly being accomplished with the guidance of a lawyer, rest assured, insofar as timing is concerned.

      You can only be a monkey mom if you are already a monkey Greg/Liz. And if you keep smelling “corruption,” wherever you go, it must be you, not me.

    • Are you joking Greg? Do you not see the posts above??? And that was just a very small percentage, not to mention the phone and emailed ones the sanctuary has received. It seems to me that you have blinders on just like the other DDM supporters and only see what you want to see. Why do you assume that the only threats made are those you see (or choose not to see) on social media? I smell corruption on you!

      • I wonder if this is the man in court that was mumbling “primate prison” under his breath and freaked out when the ddm ppl were not allowed in the courthouse for doing something illegal?

      • I think so Digit. He also was escorted out of the building shouting at the top of his lungs “Where’s the F’ing Media now when you need them” causing a huge disturbance when he couldn’t get one of the DDM supporters inside.

      • This case certainly has been a magnet for some of the most unbalanced people on the planet. A hotbed of neurosis. I was dumbfounded to see bizarre vids of people in bed with diapered monkeys, accompanied by the romantic stylings of John Denver singing “Annie’s Song,” which BTW is a romantic LOVE song to a woman, not a monkey. “Come fill me again” takes on a whole new meaning when monkeys are the subject matter. Creepy………

  4. Undoubtedly my comments will not be posted as they are being moderated, that also smells pretty bad my friend. Let me just say you all sound like very vindicative people with an axe to grind, and it surely isn’t about having this or any other of your monkeys live out a normal life as they surely do not in the barn, if u really believe they belong in the wild then why not take the money u make from donations and send them all to their natural habitat? I have been following this case and I will tell you to legally this poor darling belongs with his human mom Ms Nahkuda. I have watched many videos as we all can about him in his home and it all speaks if love for him.

    • Well Greg aka Liz, this is my own blog, so I moderate comments to keep spam off of it while I’m sleeping or working. That’s my prerogative of course. if I decide not to allow any more posts from you for any reason, that’s also my prerogative. Anyway, I hope you weren’t too inconvenienced by my being asleep when your comments came through. Moderated comments are not indicative of a conspiracy.

      First off, let me address something you brought up. I don’t have any monkeys, therefore it follows that I don’t take in any donations for monkeys I don’t have.

      What would YOU do with these monkeys? Just return them to their owners, even if not permitted? Why then, do we have bylaws if only to ignore them? It might interest you to know that most of these animals cannot be integrated with a troop of monkeys in the wild since they don’t have wild coping mechanisms or aren’t a good fit with the existing group dynamics. When they’ve had their canine teeth or finger tips removed, they would be at a considerable disadvantage in the wild, rather like cats that have been declawed. Zoos don’t want them either. They’re wild animals that someone attempted to integrate into the human lifestyle, straddling two worlds.

      I agree with you that she certainly loves him, but she did allow him to escape as well, despite all the conspiracy theories about Story Book or WSPA hanging around IKEA to let him out of the car and “steal” him.

      But the acquisition of pets must be done with a view towards what is legal in the area in which one resides, and since we’re speaking of exotics, the decision to acquire an animal must also be made with a view to whether the animal is endangered or illegally smuggled. It was a risky proposition to take an illegal animal everywhere knowing he was illegal. And video was posted of him in a restaurant, with which I cannot agree. He’s not a guide animal and should not have been there – you don’t see guide dogs climbing on restaurant tables either. You may not object to animals on restaurant tables but most people do. And it’s against health regulations.

      • heather I highly commend you and your work! You’ve handled the situation with integrity, honesty and intelligence and been much more patient with the haters than I could have been. As for “greg better court” who’s apparently not just a coward as he won’t even put his real name to his posts/beliefs, but has shown just how uninformed and uneducated on the real world of exotic animal trades and practices, let alone the animals themselves. They say ignorance is bliss, and you can not teach one who refuses to learn, greg is the perfect example. Thanks for taking the time to try to teach, but alas, you’re wasting your precious time! TY again!

    • No, Greg, some of us actually have experience with primates and have lived with them in the wild. The only reason the exotic pet trade exists is because of people who are willing to buy these animals. If there were no buyers there would be no sellers. Sanctuaries are about the only place that will care for them. Zoos have their own breeding programs and often are reluctant to take in an animal that has been raised by humans due to behavior. Nahkuda, as a buyer, is part of the problem not the solution. Her money could have been spent better elsewhere considering all the animals awaiting adoption or death in shelters.

      • To Richard: you are absolutely right on in your comments. Too bad the people who have the ‘itch’ to own an exotic animal aren’t very educated on the problem with wildlife trade and what it is doing to the natural world. She, the owner, is definitely the problem.

    • Have the monkeys returned to the wild??? This just shows how little you know about animals in general. I am not even going to try and explain to you why this unfortunately cannot happen as you seem to have your mind made up already. This is not a case about what’s best for Yasmin, this is about what’s best for Darwin. I think you have let your emotions for Ms. Nakhuda and her supporters taint your view on what is is Darwin’s best interest.

  5. And correctly many cats and dogs out there waiting for a loving home, sancturies shouldn’t be fillied with monkeys that have been bought in the very dark exotic animal underground business, but as I have read in many places and found out the owner of said barn has also contributed to this vile business. So if this isn’t ok ,and it isn’t, why call the kettle black?

    • Not calling the kettle black. And I’m glad you are condemning the actions of Ms. Nakhuda in acquiring a monkey! Ms. Delaney has never purchased her primates, they were given to her when she started her sanctuary and some of them were given to her by Norm at Northwood as he did not want the old ones. Other than Darwin, Sherri has never taken in any really young primates and only takes in discarded ones that need a home for whatever reason. She was always willing to absorb the cost of their health care at the beginning and she made their lives as fulfilled as possible. The enrichment at the sanctuary is amazing, can you say that at Northwood?

  6. Firstly if you want to put my ip on black list, by all means do so , but I thought I read somewhere in your blog that ip addresses weren’t readily available unless court ordered, as you mention about one of ddm supporters. I have to be honest I definitely don’t support one or the other just because, what I have seen and witnessed in the course of these months is that, the people who support the monkey place are very vindicative and that raises red flags for me. I have no doubt checked this site as I have their site, I have never seen them come into your page but I have definitely seen comments, vile ones, by your page supporters comment on their page. Yes im not privy to what owner of monkey barn is deciding on so called threats but I bet and believe, that if a person is fighting to get her beloved monkid back the last thing she or her supporters do would be to create a situation. So I believe as do many others that these are false allegations, it makes sense you see, and nothing more than a ploy to gain sympathy from public and probably from judge! That’s wrong , but luckily we live in a somewhat democratic country, where although corruption by those in power is rampant, it can still be bought . Many of us regular folk will not go on either page to comment but will watch, some will come out of the wood work as they have, andsurely you have witnessed ,to comment during and after court proceedings in the monkey mom’s supporter page. People aren’t happy when they believe corruption is happening by a person in uniform. I believe that’s what is getting more people’s attention.

    • I HAVE IP ADDRESSES FOR PEOPLE WHO POST ON MY BLOG – it’s one of the features of the WordPress platform. I also use Sitemeter, which provides IP addresses and other information as well. But you just cannot ring up Rogers and have them give you someone else’s IP – your ISP just doesn’t hand them out to anyone who asks, even the cops. I do not publish people’s IPs (unless there is a very legitimate reason for doing so, such as threatening or illegal behaviour) because I consider them private.

      We don’t allow the DDM group to post on the Story Book Supporters FB page because of the crazy shit they post on their own page. After having beastiality pics posted on our page we locked them out completely. Zero tolerance is the reason you don’t see them – our admin is a lot more responsive than DDM admin. Yasmin may not be paying attention to what is posted on her supporters page, she may in fact be oblivious to some of what they post. Nevertheless it is happening. Who you gonna believe – the DDM page screen caps or your own lying eyes?

      The only people who believe Ms. Delaney is corrupt are supporters from the DDM page – that line of thinking isn’t found in blogs, news articles, or Twitter feeds. Glad you acknowledge that is your main source of information. The cops have a right to eject anyone who might present a problem in court. These same people also left court on another day after making loud remarks about the people in front of them and threatening to pull their hair, but I bet you never saw them acknowledge that on their page, did you? All very good reasons to decide to not admit them afterwards.

      • Yes I understand about ip addys I have my own sources. As far as pictures of gross indecency I had read on ddm way before your page that they had them posted as well. Never daw it on either pages and glad I did not. But as I said I have been following these two different factions and I can say that no you did not stop them from posting on your page after you made the pictures accusation. In fact I have never seen them post ss of yet on there, yet all your people go post and seems to incite. I have read many many disgusting comments written on monkey’s side by your supporters. As far as courtroom I was there for the 4 days, I wanted to not just witness the proceedings but also the interaction between people’s. I can tell you on first day of court the owner of monkey barn , tried very hard to have a young woman and her son arrested, as I witnessed her telling her cop friends to do so. As well as blocking the monkey’s mom’s supporters from entering the courtroom. I found that very odd indeed and bordering on corruption! As far ss the day you are commenting about im sorry no one walked out of courtroom screaming about anyone’s hair or pulling it for that matter. I was sitting behind them next to monkey barn supporters, and I will tell you what I saw and heard. Directly in front of them was a young man who at one point turned to his companion and said loudly enough that some people should watch their backs. That to me sounded as a very direct threat. Those said women left as I watched this young man go talk to barn owner. She immediately got up and followed women and I followed her to witness what was going to happened , as I left slowly I heard her tell her fellow police officers to have them arrested . They stood there facing them ( officers and waited) as far as I could see from outside. They finally left, and I asked to interview them they agreed to it outside of area. I asked them if they had heard what seemed like a threat from this young man. They had. And that’s how it worked that day. I witnessed it.

      • Yes, Greg/Liz, the DDM people absolutely were stopped from posting, usually within minutes. You really want to debate the dates and times it started? For what purpose? Perhaps you don’t understand that many of my screen grabs were taken from the Story Book Supporters page? BTW, I have over 300 of them. I personally have no objection to many of the supporters if they post on the Story Book page, but the problem is that people get pretty tired of hearing the same mindless rhetoric over and over again. They are free to block posters from our side if they wish, fair is fair. And I never saw beastiality pics on the DDM page, nor do I recall them writing about it either! Got some proof? A screen grab? I’ve asked around and no one remembers seeing any comments about it on the DDM page whatsoever. Makes me wonder how you know about it if it was never on their page………hmmmmmm.

        There was no threat to have children arrested on May 30th, I was there – you were not. The child in question happened to be standing next to his mother of course, so please don’t try to pass that off as a fact. Perhaps it could be considered “guilt by association.”

        “Monkey Mom’s” supporters weren’t blocked – clearly as you must know having attended each day of court (except this day!). They were there in December, January, and February without incident and no one prevented them from attending. Once we moved to a larger courtroom they were admitted. Did you also notice that Ms. Nakhuda had a number of other supporters who were present but caused no disruption or incident? But the same people always seem to bring drama and negative attention. Do you know why they were threatened with arrest? It all goes back to the screen cap referencing the “piece.” Why would anyone admit them to a courtroom if they’ve threatened the night before to bring a “piece?” Too bad if they were offended, good lesson for them.

        It’s funny that you think the supporters sarcastic comments are so terrible, yet you have nothing to say about the threat to burn down the sanctuary, or other outrageous comments about people’s lady bits. Any reason for that? I have to tell you that I won’t accept any future comments from you if you are unwilling to explain your position on this. There’s the line in the sand.

        I never said anyone ran screaming from the courtroom on May 31st, threatening to pull hair – that’s just pure embellishment on your part. BTW, did you hear what that same group said to the Story Book supporters during the break? Totally instigated by their side too I might add. All this was said while they sat behind us in the first row, even the bailiff reacted. That’s why the “young man” you mention went over to Ms. Delaney and then they were followed out, never to come back that day. Do the people sitting in front not have the right to be free of this kind of harassment? And who threatens to pull people’s hair anyway? Kids in public school maybe – stable, rational adults? No.

        Again, I’m surprised you’re so concerned about an off-hand comment about “watching their backs” but you have no comment about criminal threats? Where is your head at Greg? Not in a very good place I can only assume….

    • Greg- I was in court as well. I heard the hair pulling comments, I have seen the threats from Yasmin’s supporters involving the sanctuary (which btw are posted above) and I have been attacked myself (verbally of course) so what is your point exactly? Are you saying these things did not occur? Are you saying that SB supporters threatened ppl? I have not seen any proof of this myself so unless you can provide it (and I challenge you to do so) please go ahead 🙂

      • Yes of course I have not seen any screen cap here that shows that these ladies in particular made any threats of bringing piece the day before court!! Could you so kindly direct me to that particular one? I believe you have all those screen caps, as I myself have been bombarded ( in all honesty I asked to have them foward to me so I can write a very clear and as true to life as possible article)and yes I would say I have upwards of 430 screen caps so far, what I don’t see is of course any of their comments on your Page. If I can clearly recall as far as january I was watching your page as well as theirs and ya not one of their comments on it. But clearly your people went on their Page till day of court date. That says a lot. You want me to post evidence you say? Sure let me know which you need, meanwhile as I have previously said I would very much like to see comment you mention being posted day prior to court date where it mentions “piece” you said you have ways of getting ipp addresses, I myself have the source, and I would very gladly get it found and actually put to rest either your side, or their side, on who in fact wrote this. Since it was a public comment you said then there should be no problem to post it again. As far as young man truly that was the only threat I heard. Women were talking about some funeral and left after threat. And again as far as first day of court I’m sorry but not only I many other media people witnessed the barn owner asking her fellow colleagues to arrest a mother and young son . The reason was ???? If there was a real reason why then was everything moved to a bigger room and she went in with son?? Im really missing your point here. If you don’t post this comment Im fine with that decision but many of us who are really on the background following this story will understand things better yet.

      • Greg/Liz, the screen cap says something like “I better bring a P C E” on Thursday. I do wish you would pay more attention. Yes, I think the funeral was for the “death of reason and logic.” I think you should have attended as well! Furthermore, you weren’t in court on the 30th Liz, so you have no idea what happened. And our page wasn’t created until March, so you couldn’t have been looking at it in January or February. Nice try though!

        Sorry, you’re not going to use my blog to ramble incoherently over and over about your lengthy “tome,” repeating the same, already-refuted comments or conspiracy theories ad-nauseum. I asked you to respond to the threats about the “piece” and the threat to burn down the barn and you weren’t able to even find them – out of 28 graphics, you couldn’t find either of them. You can’t grab an IP from a photo either, but if you’re convinced you can, please feel free to tell me what my IP is. You can post it on the DDM page. Based on that, I can’t imagine how you think you can stickhandle 400 screen caps you claim to have!

        So………….good luck in your future endeavours. You’ve been blocked by me on FB Greg/Liz, so your privilege in posting here has now come to an end. Please make sure to screen cap this comment on your way out.

    • They do not comment on the supporters page because they already tried and did nothing but insult everyone when they were presented with facts they could not refute so they were banned!!! Also Greg we all know that the majority of the public is not on Yas’ side. They all see her and her supporters for what they are, their page says it all and is watched by many. There are only a handful of you DDM supporters because the vast majority of the public knows what is best for Darwin. Somehow you are in the clouds. Please enlighten us to the corruption you feel Ms. Delaney has committed. Would this also include, the whole Durham Region police service, the former judge, the mayor, the fire department, OSPCA, TAS, Zoocheck, Animal Alliance, IKEA……as stated by the other DDM supporters?

      • Please also let us know what media outlet you are with so we can watch for your unbiased story 😉

  7. Someone made a comment about returning monkey to the wild. Monkeys are not so easily released to the diminishing wild. Too many accessorizing Venezuelans toss aside their howler monkeys when older and bitier. My friend Philip Cordrey certanly knows that,as he tries to create enclosed spaces but close to the wild howlers in his Cañaote rescue center. Occasionally one does transition to full wild monkey, but they often are not accepted by others in the wild. I won’t even go into the crime waves that make even his small rescue dangerous. We often romanticize on both sides with very little understanding.

    “As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

  8. Greg- You’re trying to tell me that 4 people. I sitting directly beside them and 3 directly in front of them were all hearing things? I find that incredibly hard to believe as I heard it myself. I have ears. No way to act in a courtroom. What are they? 5? Guess that’s why they keep poring and speaking of “horse hair” on ddm? Just a coincidence I guess….

    You’re entitled to your opinion about Darwin as we all are. I am here to support a reputable sanctuary and do not believe that people who have not even been there should be slandering its staff, owners and animals the way they have. I also do not believe WILD animals should be pets. I don’t agree with the underground exotic pet trade as I know the truth behind it. In fact, during testimony Yasmin certainly shed some light on just how sketchy and vile it truly is.

    These people who claim they know so much about animals and these same people who have never been to the sanctuary have no weight in any decision, lol No one cares what they think and as far as the media are concerned……do they now make rulings in a court of law? If so since when? I think the media must think one individual is absolutely out of her mind! Sitting in the rain for 9 hrs eating out of a Ziplock bag because she can’t get into a court room for clearly doing something that is prohibited in a courtroom. Lol Wow….

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