Horse Killer Finds God, Makes Apology


Don CorleoneWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

Canadian horse advocates will almost certainly recall the bizarre case of horse-decapitator Darrell Mowat. In 2012, in a scene straight out of “The Godfather,” the Niagara Falls, Canada man went full-out Don Corleone when he killed and decapitated a draft horse and left its head in the pickup bed of an acquaintance. The remains of the two-year old Percheron, known as “Joe” were later found by Niagara Regional police on a hobby farm in rural Niagara Falls, where Mowat volunteered as a farm hand.

Mowat, now 30, was charged with killing cattle contrary to section 444 of the Criminal Code of Canada, willfully causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, and mischief under $5,000. Under the Criminal Code, “killing cattle” also refers to killing horses. His arrest and later publicity were followed by petitions to ensure that he served actual jail time, which he ultimately did – for six months. Originally police phrased the crime as a “prank gone wrong,” because nothing says practical joke quite like cutting off a horse’s head and putting it in someone’s truck in their driveway.

Probably most inmates become familiar with the jailhouse conversion. Even Paris Hilton, who served a 45 day jail sentence (she served only 3 days) for reckless driving, had a jailhouse conversion. Whatever you think of Mowat’s apology and new found religion, you must admit that the whole “Thou shalt not kill” part of the Ten Commandments seems pretty clear, even if you’re not actually religious…..

Apology – Happy Earth Day!

Darrell MowatAn apology to all animal lovers – Happy Mother Earth Day!

To whom it may concern,

My name is Darrell Mowat. Although most of my life, I had lived not quite understanding the greater purpose to everything here on earth, it has become more apparent to me as of late. A couple of years ago I made a hasty decision that would change the course of the rest of my life, first for the worse and then ultimately for the better. This decision caused me to serve 6 months in a local detention centre where I received a black eye and some bruises from a beating, Thank God (Proverbs 20:30)! And where I started the development of plans and writing a book, that I hope maintain the majority of the rest of my physical life here on earth.

Although I never contemplated never mind considered going to jail in the past, it was inevitable. I committed an act, killed a horse, and caused mischief which led to my jail sentence. Now although I will not justify what I had done, I will defend myself to death, in that I was not cruel in how it happened. As a young child I had a bb gun and although I played with it in the backyard and thought about lifting it to target a bird, I could never gather up the strength to do it. That’s just the way my mind thinks. On this farm where the incident took place it was the same  circumstances. I learned how to take care of animals, namely, horses, sheep and lambs. I spent sometime during lambing season, caring for these young lambs and successfully nursing those who were being rejected by their mothers, then turning them back out into their pens. I also learned the grimmer part of life’s realities on the farm which is death.

Horse like Joe

Not Joe, but a similar Percheron horse…

With regards to all that happened, I am happy, as I have had the chance to meet some wonderful people throughout the process (both in jail and out) and I’ve worked out some issues I had held with me since a young child. All of this has allowed me to begin to move on to greener pastures. Mind the pun.

One of the reasons I believe this entire experience took place was so that I could see for my own eyes the problems plaguing the “lower” echelons of our society. This is the way I have been able to take positive out of the situation. I had experienced much of this during that 6 month period. And although these men are no different than anyone else, they had had some trying experiences in their life and they made wrong choices, just like me, to try and rectify them.

It is my hope that those who were negatively affected by this situation forgive me and that in the end their lives are also better off.

Thank you all for your support and love for animals and those who care for them!

Kind regards,

Darrell Mowat

In addition to his apology, Mowat has registered his own top-level domain. (Note that he didn’t apologize specifically to Joe, the horse). As part of his apparent jailhouse conversion, Mowat is shilling a book, which is available thorough the godfathervarious christian publishers and even Amazon. He also has a Facebook page and blog where he rather compulsively quotes biblical passages and even provides his definition of marriage, courtesy of Isaiah, Corinthians, among other passages in the bible, and makes repeated references to Yahweh, Allah, God, and Krishna. In reading most of his blog entries and the intro to his book, it seems apparent that he’s not being very forthcoming about what led to this so-called conversion – namely, his bizarre crime and subsequent arrest and conviction.

I must admit I don’t want him to find solace in religion – I want him to seek understanding and treatment via psychiatric care, of which he is clearly in need (in my opinion,  at least).  In various news reports his father is quoted as describing him as “troubled” in his youth.  I also believe that his access to animals should be restricted.  I’m angry that he chose to downplay and marginalize his crime, which he refers to as merely having made “wrong choices.” Animal abuse is a predictor of other crimes – it’s like a crystal ball into the future of the abusers.  The statistics supporting the animal abuse to other crimes connection are overwhelming. “For instance, in one twenty-year study, 70% of animal abusers committed other crimes, and 44% went on to harm people. In another recent study, 99% of animal abusers had convictions for other crimes, 100% of people who committed sexual homicide  had abused animals, and 61.5% of animal abusers had assaulted a human as well. A 1997 study showed that when comparing 153 animal abusers to neighbors of similar age and gender, animal abusers were five times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes, three times more likely to commit drug-related crimes, even three times more likely to get traffic tickets.

Many people already know that animal abusers go on to abuse others in their household. There are many statistics out there as well but to summarize, 80-90% of victims of domestic abuse state that their abuser started by abusing pets. Then, an additional vicious cycle often begins because the abused kids, at least 1/3 of the time, according to various studies, abuse animals themselves.”



About heatherclemenceau

Hopefully as I've grown older I've also grown wiser, but one thing I've definitely become cognizant of is the difference between making a living and making a life. Frequently outraged by some of life's cruelties, and respect diversity. But.....I don't suffer fools gladly, and occasionally, this does get me into some trouble! I have the distinction of being the world's worst golfer - no wait, I do believe that there is a gypsy in Moldavia who is a worse golfer than I. Nor am I much of a dancer - you won't see a booty-shakin' flygirl routine from me! I'm also not the kind of cook who can whip up a five-course meal on a radiator either! And I've never figured out how to get an orchid to bloom a second time. I love to discuss literature, science, philosophy, and sci-fi , or even why Seinfeld is funny on so many levels. Words move me. I'm very soft-hearted about most things, especially animals, but I have a stoicism about me that is sometimes interpreted incorrectly. I do have a definite edge and an often "retro-adolescent" sense of humour at times. I'm a big advocate of distributed computing projects to advance science. Check out if you want to find out more. I'm an eclectic plant-based eater, and as such, it's a personal practice of mine to seduce innocent meat-eaters into cruising the (salad) bars at every opportunity. You would be powerless to resist. I was recently surprised to find that a computer algorithm concluded that I write like Dan Brown, which is funny because I didn't think Dan Brown could actually write. Check out your own style - Oh, and I love impractical shoes and funky hats.

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  2. Isn’t this interesting? These are the kinds of arrogant and cowardly humans who abuse and torture animals and who then go on to achieve crimes like harming women and children, who can’t fight back either.

    Now that God has been invited into this self-improvement plan for the all-important Darrell, I know that we will wait eagerly for more improvements from Darrell, who matters more than anything else on Earth.

    I am glad we found this out and I really hope Darrell is in prison, still. I hope that Darrell gets the comprehensive help he needs before he is allowed access to any other living creature, anywhere, at any time.

    These people need monitoring for life. This is the same attitude as Kelsey Lefever who was let off in PA under corrupt GOP leadership. This is the kind of human who supports horse slaughter and criminal activity.

    It might be helpful to find out what creates a Darrell so we can prevent this from happening to any living creature again. I am referring to Joe, who was killed for no reason at all.

    We need more Joes and no Darrells on this planet. We also need stiffer sentencing and swifter punishment for these killers. Until we have that, no woman or child is ever safe from the same abuse and killing.

    End horse slaughter: Pass the SAFE Act and the PAST Act now.

    • Kelsey was a bitch and a horrible person. No indications she suffered from any mental conditions though. This is something else in my opinion. As far as we know, Kelsey didn’t torture or kill any animals by her own hand, but it takes a special kind of person to start stabbing at an animal with a knife and proceed to cut its head off!

  3. Thank you, Heather, for writing this and informing the public about another animal abuser/perpetrator. Darrell Mowat writes “I committed an act, killed a horse” no sense of remorse or recognition that he took the life of an intelligent, sentient being, just that he killed a horse. I have zero tolerance for people like Darrell Mowat who hide behind religion rather than take accountability for the consequences of his actions. Darrel Mowat writes he “was not cruel in how it happened.” Joe is dead. How cruel is that? 6 months for Darrel Mowat for killing Joe, not nearly enough. A black eye and a beating…not nearly enough. We all need to be vigilant when it comes to the Darrel Mowat’s of the world.

  4. I don’t think he has suffered enough in the detention center. I think he is a crafty manipulator not unlike many who hide behind the bible. I will be visiting his FB page shortly.

  5. Who is up for going straight to the apology blog and commenting there too?!?! “Apology not accepted.”

    Six months jail was pre trial custody – if associated to the sentence he will receive two days credit for every one day he spent in jail prior to guilty conviction. Pre trial custody is not always attached to what is recorded as part of the sentence for the conviction. His probation ends November 2015

    Either he didn’t get a bail set or no one (no one who is appropriate or acceptable to the court) was willing to post bail for him.

    A google preview of his book can be seen here —

    You will see that it seems God provided Darrell this “experience” (killing a horse) so that Darrell could observe the “lower echelons of life” in jail thus be guided to writing his miraculous book…. It also looks like, due to his drinking, at some time earlier in his life he lost his car and nearly his life.

    This freak should not be relieved of conscience just because he threw out an apology on a blog no one reads! Without knowing him, I am sure many of us, like myself, were deeply upset by this horrific act of violence he committed against a young healthy and innocent creature. No punishment nor salvation (again, as u will c per his book. And I’d like to know what prior event caused his church to ask him to leave….) should allow this Darrell to profit and gain noteriety.

    Too bad if his probation doesn’t stop him from living with young girls and their dogs. But sadly, he has fooled some people…. (or I should hope they were unwitting fools)

    Thank you for writing this update Heather!!!!

    • I got that impression too – was that god led him to experience this so that he could……….find god! I got the impression that the book was a series of biblical versus which may not contain any references to his crime(s) at all. Asked to leave by a church! Certainly, he should not have contact with animals and that should have been a condition of his bail.

  6. Now I see that his Apology blog as copied in this blog of Heather’s (and linked in my post above) is gone. The rest of his April blog posts are there still. The apology was there 4 hours ago….

  7. This man has an active profile on CHRISTIAN MINGLE!!!!!. They do have a caveat at the bottom stating they don’t do background checks on their members… NO KIDDING!!!!

    I see that this Darrell self titles it “Apology” but aside from that I don’t see anything that suggests it is an apology. Nowhere are the words “sorry” “regret” “I apologize” “please forgive me”…. Sure he HOPES he is forgiven by those affected…. But that their lives are better off in the end?!?! For what? For his murder of Joe? For buying his book?!?

    As far as admission of what he did “I committed and act, killed a horse, and caused mischief”, how much less descriptive can one be?!? It wasn’t loose wandering the dark night time highway as he approached in his transport, it wasn’t sick and in need of euthanizing. He led the 2yr old Percheron to a back fence on the 14hectare property (~35 acres?) tied it to a post and single handedly had at it with a knife….IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Full planned out intent. And as for those who may think one may do whatever the heck they want to a living creature that one owns, I’d like to remind those people — THIS WASNT EVEN HIS HORSE! The owner didn’t want it dead….

    In addition to forgetting to name Joe in his self-titled apology, Darrell Mowat forgot to apologize to the recipient of a horse head in the BED of his truck (a detail conveniently left out of his apology), the police who were called out and had to observe the gruesome sight, and the tax payers who paid toward the salaries for all the police, clean up, lawyers, court clerks, court reporters, and judges. Note that this unpaid ‘volunteer’ farm hand had his accommodations and meals provided free of charge to him for 6 months too.

    Happy Mother Eart Day. Those words will forever course a chill through my blood. Now, let’s all go buy his book (not!) and read his blog to learn the true meaning of love, marriage, community and how to fit into it, and how to develop an effective prayer life….

    • I don’t think any dating sites do background checks – it’s up to the men and women on these sites to find out on their own – or not. Yes, there’ a number of people who should be explicitly referenced in an apology but were left out. I think he figures that now he’s found god that should be good enough for everyone. What strikes as especially odd was that this was so random – and supposed to be a prank! I don’t know under what conditions this can possibly be considered a joke. Something is not right with any individual who does this on a lark.

  8. In case anyone can’t see the “Other” comments in the poll, here there are as of today:

    I don’t think he is really sorry for what he did..he needs to serve more time w

    do notlet him around animals of any kind. Make him go and speak for the animals

    He should rot in jail.

    I believe he has a psychiatric disorder and needs to be monitored.

    His sentence wasn’t long enough.He never apologized to Joe or showed any remorse

    he is a piece of sh*t abuser

    They should have kept this nut in jail.

    While he says he’s repented, he’s also writing a book. I’m thinking he’s trying

  9. I have not read any of your comments yet…but I will tell you my thoughts after reading this story, as I remember reading about this back when it happen.
    This person is one sick fuck & for whatever reason he comes up with ~ If the police hadn’t got to him before me….& he had done this to my horse I honestly would have killed him! End of story! In this case I’m sorry to learn he got a black eye in jail….he should have been beat to a pulp!

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