AQHA Brazenly Promotes Horse Slaughter For Wild Horses And Burros In New Anti-SAFE Act Propaganda Piece

Craig Huffhines

AQHA Executive Vice-President Craig Huffhines


Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

In a brazen move that would make Sue Wallis proud,  the AQHA has sent to its Canadian members, a propaganda piece that insisted that the S.A.F.E. Act would create a “hellish demise” for horses,  of “starvation, abuse and neglect.”

It’s difficult to imagine such contrived ignorance exists to such a degree outside of the BLM itself when it comes to wild equines.  Yet in the massmail entitled “Unsafe Consequences,”  the group specifically mentions the “overpopulation” of the wild horses and burros,  juxtaposing the costs of the BLM holding facilities with the convenient way of eliminating the problem – restoring slaughter to the United States!  Not only is the wilfully-blind AQHA  on a non-stop  crusade to promote slaughter for their own breed,  they’re encroaching onto the issue of protected wild horses and burros – a comprehensive extermination campaign designed to eliminate all “undesirable” equines.

Here is an excerpt of the “facts” they present in their massmail,  which can be read here and is included below.


  • The Government Accountability Office reported that about 138,000 unwanted horses were transported to processing facilities in 2010.

  • The United States Department of Agriculture reports that 144,000 horses were transported to processing facilities in 2014.

  • USDA reports that there are nearly 50,000 wild horses and burros on Bureau of Land Management land, which is 22,500 more than what that land can naturally support.

  • USDA also reports that there are more than 47,000 wild horses and burros in short- and long-term holding facilities.

  • The cost of the wild horse and burro program – $77,245,000 in fiscal year 2014 – is coming out of U.S. taxpayers’ pockets.

If this enrages you,  please take a moment to send a response to them below or via their contact form:

Twitter: @AQHA

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 200
Amarillo, TX 79168

Overnight Mailing
American Quarter Horse Association
1600 Quarter Horse Dr.
Amarillo, TX 79104

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central



Please read the entire communication below:

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  1. Anyone, especially an organization that has high registration numbers you have, promoting slaughter of horses, Burros, and your own breed you promote, is scum if the earth. Breed me, use me, dispose of em. Disgusting. I couldn’t sleep at night if I were you.
    I will never give your organization give cents of my money. You could increase your registration fees and have a euthanization program to put horses down H U M A N E L Y.
    Shame shame on you. Greed hungry organization like big business

    • ..This is why over the many years of having horses I tried to instill in people that a “””grade horse is just as good as a registered horse””” young people were told differently, if the horses have no lineage info they are no good throw-aways….blame the parents & all the righteous little assholes that felt they were better than you because their horse had a #, a registration saying they were something…….AQHA is a joke …..hopefully people that are members will look at them differently & ask themselves why……BUT the killers need exposing to all, everyone that deals with selling animals, either personally or at sale barns. These are nothing but m-f’n scumbags who make more for the horses death than what they pay….I am not sure if in my life time I will see this corrected…..but when horses have been depleted what is next ????……….

  2. Nothing about this ‘Association’ surprises me. They hate the Horses unless they can bring in huge money. Otherwise, it is off to the nearest Slaughterhouse to become dinner for some badly informed person in another Country.

  3. Once again, the AQHA demonstrates its disregard for the breed it is supposed to admire and promote. From the horse’s point of view, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

    How about pursuing a more logical and humane approach such as stopping the overbreeding of horses for whom there is limited demand? It’s called responsible breeding.

  4. Look who’s talking about spending tax payers money, the over-breeders of long-lived luxary animals! The “foalmillers” the AQHA, operating on subsidies taken from the taxpayers! We’re also paying for the USDA’s inspectors at auctions and borders inspect “their” poor unfortunate horses. Over-breeding AQHA? YOU are the problem! Cut the subsidies and tax you for your poor breeding habits is what you need!

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  6. From Canada: The majority of the horses going to the torture chamber slaughterhouses here are Quarter Horses.

  7. Shocking comments from the head of the AQHA! I really think you should get another job – somewhere where sensitivity and humaneness is not required.

  8. This is a cold hearted Bastards that does not have any love in his heart 4 anything but money we damn well need to stop this shit before it really gets started and your own breed you promote, is scum if the earth. Breed me, use me, dispose of em. Disgusting. I couldn’t sleep at night if I were you.
    I will never give your organization give cents of my money. You could increase your registration fees and have a euthanization program to put horses down H U M A N E L Y.
    Shame shame on you. Greed hungry organization like big business

  9. Obvious that AQHA is pro- money not pro – horse. I go to kill buyer sales. Majority of horses are young healthy quarter horses going to slaughter. AQHA , start promoting responsible breeding and stop over saturating the market. Step up and actually give a damn about the animals you promote!
    Shame on you!!!

  10. The people that even belong to AQHA and pay their fees think just like this creature in the photo. None of them care one thing about their own horses or they wouldn’t even give this horse killer the time of day. But its these kind of greedy selfish A-Holes that have stopped any anti-slaughter bill from being passed in the US Congress and they have done this for years. They hire lobbyists to work the halls of congress making large donations to the crooks we have for reps and senators to not pass any bill that comes up for a vote. They have peddled this crap about the horses will all be dropping dead from starvation and on and on. There wouldn’t be “unwanted horses” as they like to peddle if they didn’t keep breeding when they know there is no market for their new crop of foals. No worries they just send most of these helpless young horses to slaughter to get rid of them and turn around and do it all over again next year over and over and over. I loathe people like these.

  11. If you read the Safe Act, it states that our United States horses pose a danger to the consumer when their meat is allowed to enter the world’s food supply….Our horses are not raised and regulated for human consumption….

    The United States has a responsibility to protect the rest of the world from our drug tainted horsemeat…..If you say “buyer beware”, consider the fact that country of origin labeling is being eliminated, and you may well be purchasing United States horsemeat mixed into your hamburger…..What the United States will do with “excess” or “unwanted” horses is a moot point….The fact remains, our horses are not raised for human consumption…..

    To use slaughter and meat processing as a convenient means to dispose of our race horses, quarter horses, sport and pet horses, and allowing that meat to be eaten by humans or other species is criminal.

  12. 1. Their claim is too many Mustangs. Theres Not enough to support one plant for a few months. The entire tribal population will be a few months. Then his issue would be gone. So they are really bad businessmen to think this is a strategy. 2. They state 144,000 went to slaughter but thats down from the previous 170,000 which indicates falling numbers. 3. A non profit organization is Not allowed by Federal Law to make Fraudulent claims in order to sway public opinion by using fear. If these horses were to be starved it would be the direct result of the BLM and would result in arrests and investigation into the agency. AS well law enforcement will have some interest in these horses that will be inevitably starved. By propaganda and fear mongering this email is against Citizens beliefs and attempts to pressure them into accepting animals will die or else starve. Manipulative and disturbing. We are Not allowed to fear monger to pressure a decision including in Canada. 3. This proves the Horse organizations no longer have control and are using Fear to get their way.

  13. Very alarming these beautiful creatures are not taken into consideration. And sorrow are felt by them and the way they are treated. Who in their right mind would give this kind of authority to lift horses 4 to a create. Jammed in like sardine, one left hanging upside down. 6 killed. Where is the justice in our government I ask you ?

  14. Disgusting people in charge of this law. Who made you the head and trusted you to make the decision of Gods creature to abuse them illegally and use for unhealthy meat in some poor unsuspecting persons plate !!!greediness will kill you. Gods word says it will. Watch out for your own life fir the wrong decisions you are making now. These horses could be put out to sanctuary. And stop overbreeding them????

  15. The AQHA is nothing but a fund for profit organization. They encourage breeding for registration fees. They despose of horse’s to make room for the new ones.
    Hundreds of Quarter Horse’s are feedlots young ones, mare’s with foals and mare’s in foal , ranch horse’s and more that have to endure the road to hell and die a brutal death for $$$.
    I use to be a member of the AQHA and I showed Quarter Horse’s for years. I will never be a member of the AQHA ever again. They disquist me and are a disgrace.
    They have the largest amount of registered horse’s world wide. They are the richest organization world wide. And send the largest amount of horse’s to slaughter
    And they want Our American Icons Our American Wild Horse’s and Burros slaughtered.
    AQHA this is my America too and don’t make decisions for me and the rest of the 80 % of American’s who oppose horse slaughter.
    I love Our American Wild Horse’s and Burros and Our Public Land’s. They have no business sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong.
    They also donate funds to are State Reps. to buy their way.
    The AQHA needs to mined their own business and leave Our American Wild Horse’s and Burros, Public land’s and stay out of politics.

  16. What a sick world we live in, everyone is so money hungry that they have lost any part of humanity they had! What kind of person could be part of a horses assoc. And promote horrific cruel deaths for these wonderful animals that only give and give everything of themselves and make them money only to be sentenced to such horrific deaths because of humans! It makes me sad to be a human in this world when I see people and organizations promoting such cruelty just to make a buck! How do these people live with themselves?????

  17. The AQHA, parasites living off the very animals they love over breeding and sending to slaughter without a thought to line their greedy pockets. I have no respect for them or anyone who opposes slaughter and stays aligned with them….. that goes for the other greed driven big registries too…..and here they prove once again how ignorant and how much they will lie to keep their pipeline open. I wish their members would turn on them…. too greedy I guess. This starving horse propaganda is for the ignorant sheeple … a blatant and proven falsehood.

  18. Obviously this rich monster was raised in the Generation of ” not my problem” and does not understand the morals of mankind! AQHA MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your breed!!!!! As long as you get your money all is well. Hundreds of ranches are breeding hundreds of mares for their halter winner and you do nothing about it. Everybody complains about government regulations well in this case it is going to be your downfall because of no regulation -only the wealthy can afford to show and compete……hahaha have fun winning and losing among yourselves. Same thing has happened to the Arabian breeders and even Boer Goat breeders. Both have gone down the tubes. We the backyarders do not have a chance and WE were your backbone. So take your Registration Papers and shove them or eat them. You are on the wrong side in this debate and you are going to reap the rewards!!!!

  19. The belief that horse slaughter is the right end for all the “unwanted” horses is just a narrative being pushed by people that are benefitting from their slaughter. There are many horses being slaughtered that are stolen or just fell into the wrong hands so to say. Industries like the thoroughbred industry, are working hard to help their horses which should be welcomed… but instead was meet by a dark world and an underground “pipeline” where thoroughbreds are never found again. Unfortunately, horses have become a commodity and therefore only have a monetary value to some and for all of us horse lovers, this is not an acceptable solution. Safety has to be important because of tainted meat and most U.S. horses have been exposed to medications. But the other issue that hardly gets any attention is that these horses have been raised by us and in most cases, become part of our family. These horses have fought in our wars and are given military honors, they are on the cover of Sports Illustrated, earn us money, compete for our entertainment, plow our fields, stand on the street corners with our police, become therapeutic animals for veterans and the disabled and our kids dream about getting a horse for Christmas. Many great stories, classics actually, are written about them – for example “Black Beauty”. The innocents of that dream has been forgotten by some but these dreams still live in many today. Imagine if we showed all of America the truth behind the Slaughter houses or processing plants exposing all the horrors that exist. If people saw the reality, they would never support slaughter and you will never convince me that slaughter is the answer. Horses have never been raised and should never be classified as livestock for all the reasons above. It may take some time to figure out real solutions but slaughter is definitely not the answer. Ideas need to be born and people will need to be responsible when they breed. Our horses deserve better and we as people should do what is morally right. This issue actually defines our humanity.

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