Kill Buyers, Faux Rescues, And Cockfighters, Oh My!


Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

“If truth, honor, and a big heart count for anything in this country anymore, then a huge dose of long overdue appreciation is due to every one of the few remaining stalwart, heroic, saviors of doomed and suffering horses…the horse buyers.

God bless them.”

~ Sue Wallis ~

Why would someone who presents themselves to be on the side of horses, alert a kill buyer or horse trader (Don Nowlin) to a website where they could try to negate an anti-slaughter bill?

“Sneek threw?” Seriously? Why would someone (Sabrina) who presents themselves to be on the side of horses, alert a kill buyer or horse trader (Don Nowlin) to a website where they might want to leave negative commentary on an anti-slaughter Bill, and encourage others to be wary of it as well?

Such prophetic words from Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis,  who never met a kill buyer she didn’t like.

I haven’t typically commented much on the issue of brokered horse sales, since it’s one of the most hopelessly partisan topics for horse advocates. I think that all horse advocates would agree that all horses deserve to be rescued despite the fact that, due to a completely random circumstance, they ended up on a feedlot or in the hands of a kill buyer, and that advocates’ networking and/or purchase of a brokered horse is an inevitable response to reality. I could not agree more.

People may ask, “what’s the problem if horse rescuers want to pay more than a horse is worth, and substantially more than what the kill buyer paid?” Over time, purchasing from brokered sales has become the de-facto method for rescuing horses, which means that private owners selling comparatively priced horses are completely excluded from consideration because there is no sense of urgency. I found this out myself when I was trying to place two mares that needed a new home this fall – the offer – that these two healthy, free mares came with 20 free round bales, was not sufficiently compelling because the owner was not going to slaughter them (they both eventually found a good home with a rescue, but not without a helluva lot of networking).  And this is why we should support legitimate rescues who often put training and vetting on the horses for a comparable price.

I see the issue of brokered horse sales as being comparable to that of puppymills – all these animals are deserving of rescue and a forever home,  but dog lovers are urged to avoid pet store dogs (since the majority are sourced from cruel puppymills). Pet shops capitalize on the natural appeal of puppies, kittens, and other animals to sell these animals at an inflated price—often several hundred dollars or more for “purebred” animals. Common problems in the pet-shop industry include selling sick and injured animals, failing to provide proper veterinary care, keeping animals in unsanitary conditions, and using inhumane methods to dispose of sick or unwanted animals. Sound familiar?  It’s a simple formula: where there is demand for a “product” like puppies (or horses), suppliers will fill that demand.  Kill buyers are analogous to puppymillers of the horse world.

The demise of faux horse rescue AC4H heralds trouble for other horse “rescuers” and brokered horse programs who are in the lucrative business of offering horses with great fundraising appeal (gaunt horses, mares in foal, ponies, minis, etc) who are never intended to go to slaughter. Some faux rescues may also be selling horses that have already been bailed by donations, thereby “double dipping.” In addition to paying far more than a horse is worth, the purchaser often incurs huge fees for quarantine and transport. After all that, in many cases the horses have lost substantial weight or are visibly sick by the time they arrive at the purchaser’s or,  in a worst-case scenario,  may be euthanized.

Deep down I feel that most horse advocates know or suspect that the people representing the brokered horses they buy may not adhere to general ethical standards such as full disclosure, honesty, or conformity to applicable laws. But we should all collectively denounce improper business practices or mistreatment of animals.

This “advocate” went out of her way to post a link on a KB/horse trader’s page to give him a heads-up that legislation was coming

As you can see, this post is from December 11th. These horses are "overdue?" For what, a trim? No, they're overdue for slaughter. The posts for these horses on this "advocate's" page continue even today, so they've been "overdue" for a while now. Why haven't they been shipped? Because you haven't paid their ransom yet, thus supplementing a whole supply chain down the line that relies on the ransom as their income in whole or in part.

As you can see, this post is from December 11th. These horses are “overdue?” For what, a trim? No, they’re overdue for slaughter. The posts for these horses on this “advocate’s” page continue even today, so they’ve been “overdue” for a while now. Why haven’t they been shipped for almost a month,  despite heavy lobbying? Because you haven’t paid their ransom yet, thus supplementing a whole supply chain down the line that relies on the ransom as their income in whole or in part. They may even have been purchased specifically for the secondary market,  possibly by outbidding legitimate homes.

down the pipe that might just put a big crimp in his lifestyle. I’d call that “casual sabotage.” The plan is to introduce the WASHINGTON DEFENSE OF HORSES ACT of 2016 this month. It will be introduced into the Washington State legislature and then used as a precedent in other key states.


  1. This law includes not only horses but all members of the equine family; ponies, donkeys, mules, asses, and burros.
  2. Equines will be defined under law as recreational/sports/service animals and provided all legal protection as other human companion animals.
  3. It will be illegal to slaughter a horse if it is known or should be known that any of the meat from the slaughtered animal will be used for human consumption.
  4. It will be illegal to possess, purchase, barter or sell privately; possess, purchase, barter or sell at retail; exhibit for barter or sale, or possess with intent to sell or barter horses and other equines or their meat if it is known or should be known that the horse or its meat will be used for human consumption.
  5. It will be illegal to transport a horse or the meat of a horse if it is known or should be known that it is intended for human consumption.
  6. Due to the severe threat to public safety posed by human consumption of horse meat, any and all violations of this law will be a Class C Felony, punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years and/or a fine of up to $10,000 for each and every horse involved.

There is only one reason I can think of to rally kill buyers or pro-slaughters against the WHDC’s anti-slaughter Bill, and that is because you don’t want the money pipeline to dry up. Don Nowlin, the kill buyer/horse trader in Washington that has been alerted to the website for the Bill, appears to be a member of several FB groups that promote cockfighting. They refer to themselves as “cockers,” which may have more than one meaning but is coloquially a term for a person who breeds or trains fighting cocks (but they hope nobody notices this). They hold fundraising activities for people in the community and have birthday parties for their kids complete with water slides and cupcakes, while probably running a cockfighting superbowl in the backyard (cockfighting is illegal in most places in the US). Do thousands of people follow these guys on Facebook because they like to admire chickens? Some of these groups are located in Mexico and the pages are all in Spanish,  and their websites require you to set up an account before you can view the galleries.  So Don is just another regular working guy trying to make a living and enjoying a few hobbies in his downtime!

As if horse slaughter isn’t bad enough, any sport that involves animals killing each other for their owners’ entertainment as well as monetary gain – is reprehensible. And when an “advocate” alerts a kill buyer to looming anti-slaughter legislation, she’s saying that she’s basically OK with animal cruelty in general, as long as it’s a passive, easy-to-ignore kind of cruelty.  That old saying has never been more true – “he that lieth with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”  Or to rephrase it – people will always sink to the lowest common denominator of the set or group to which they belong.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(If these graphics in the slideshow are too small,  use CTRL + Mouse scroll to zoom in)

I hope my fellow advocates will take the time to report the Facebook group that I have screen-shot for animal cruelty, even moreso because it features a picture of a dog that has apparently been dragged behind a car, perhaps to demonstrate the curative powers of this black salve treatment they are shilling for roosters that have survived cockfights. It’s enlarged here, if you must look (but I suggest you stick to the smaller image in the slideshow above). Clearly the dog isn’t being treated by a veterinarian in this sequence of pics,  unless veterinarians typically treat dogs while they are lying on a BBQ…None of this is OK.

Meantime, Allen Warren of the WHDC has responded to the issue of kill pen scammers here:

“I know everyone is upset by the KBs and kill pen scammers attacking HR 2327, but we knew this would happen. Here are a few more TALKING POINTS for those of you who would like to take them on. We will ignore them ourselves because to respond to their lies would be to acknowledge them, and we don’t acknowledge bottom feeders at WHDC. You can use these facts, although I promise you won’t confuse them with the truth, no matter how many ways or times you say it:

  1. In the three states where there are current horse slaughter bans, California in 1998, Illinois in 2007 and New Jersey in 2012, there have been no increase in cases of equine neglect, but a dramatic drop in cases of horse theft. Oh, another sideline business for KBs, that’s right. Meat buyers are not looking for old skinny horses. Makes sense, right?
  2. Over 90 per cent of horses going to slaughter in figures kept by USDA are between the ages of 2 and 9, full bodied and sound. Right, the slaughterhouses want meat animals. So the KBs want us to believe they are buying any other kind?
  3. Once they have their greedy hands on them every horse headed for slaughter is considered the walking dead and horribly treated, both in kill pens and while being transported. They really care about horses….NOT.”
  4. And finally, Donnie Boy Nowlin never answered the first question I asked him. How can you sleep at night knowing these animals are poisoning the people of other countries? These scum are not members of the legitimate agriculture community, they’re greedy predatory scavengers and anyone who can’t see that has their head exactly where the guy in this photo does, or in the lowest orifice of their body. Go get em, Warriors!”



About heatherclemenceau

Hopefully as I've grown older I've also grown wiser, but one thing I've definitely become cognizant of is the difference between making a living and making a life. Frequently outraged by some of life's cruelties, and respect diversity. But.....I don't suffer fools gladly, and occasionally, this does get me into some trouble! I have the distinction of being the world's worst golfer - no wait, I do believe that there is a gypsy in Moldavia who is a worse golfer than I. Nor am I much of a dancer - you won't see a booty-shakin' flygirl routine from me! I'm also not the kind of cook who can whip up a five-course meal on a radiator either! And I've never figured out how to get an orchid to bloom a second time. I love to discuss literature, science, philosophy, and sci-fi , or even why Seinfeld is funny on so many levels. Words move me. I'm very soft-hearted about most things, especially animals, but I have a stoicism about me that is sometimes interpreted incorrectly. I do have a definite edge and an often "retro-adolescent" sense of humour at times. I'm a big advocate of distributed computing projects to advance science. Check out if you want to find out more. I'm an eclectic plant-based eater, and as such, it's a personal practice of mine to seduce innocent meat-eaters into cruising the (salad) bars at every opportunity. You would be powerless to resist. I was recently surprised to find that a computer algorithm concluded that I write like Dan Brown, which is funny because I didn't think Dan Brown could actually write. Check out your own style - Oh, and I love impractical shoes and funky hats.

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  1. Sabrina Conaugthon is a con… she makes her living from listing horses in killpens FOR the kill buyers NOT to save the horses… this is all done to appeal to the “bleeding hearts”… sending to slaughter / only few days left to save / for prime dollars. …. it is a secondary market for them and Sabrina works for them. … mind you… same number of horses still ship to slaughter to fill the quotas. She is unfortunately not the only one working with/for the kill buyers under the pretense of helping save horses…. just look at those who poses as saviors AND are pro-slaughter. .. and you’ll know who they are!

    • Do you actually have proof that “Sabrina works for them”? That’s slander if it’s false, which it is.

      Sabrina Connaughton(spelled correctly) is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met.

      • Slander is verbal. Meanwhile, that selfless person has just told everyone that “the truck is coming,” something that apparently happens regularly until enough people rally up and stroke her ego and then suddenly it’s open again. IMO this isn’t the type of attitude a selfless anti-slaughter advocate maintains.

      • Most selfless hun, well when I asked her to help me get a kill pen horse rescued by sharing a photo of him on her page, she said “NO, we only share horses from our feedlots” know why she said that, because helping a horse that is not on her lot doesn’t make her any money.


    Do not sell or give horses too the following list of people in the United States:

    United States KB’s:

    Anton Wald-LA
    Arlow Kiehl-NY
    Bill Richardson-Texas
    Bob Remmington
    BILL BROWN – OREGON 43′ Straight Deck also has son that is a KB
    Bobby Brown
    Donny Knowlen, Washington and Sunnyside Kill Lot/Yard
    Phil Metcalf
    Bob Wilcox, NY. : Will promice to provide your horses with “forever loving homes” and sells directly to slaughter.
    Brian Moore-PA
    Bruce Rotz – under contract to buy horses for the Canadian meat company Viande Richelieu
    Charlie Carter-CO
    Charles Nielson
    Chuck Walker-WA Owns Feedlot in WA that ships to Florence Packing Feedlot in WA that ships to Bouvry Canada.
    Cody Lloyd – DE (New Holland – Front Royal)
    Dale Gilbreath
    Dale Haley-IN
    Danny Rice-KY
    Dave Harriman-WA
    Dave Hermanson-ND
    David Misner-CA (Los Angeles area)
    Dennis Chavez-NM Ships to Mexico Monte Clark
    Dennis Kunz
    Donny knowlen, WA — also owns KB Lot at Sunnyside, Washington- he ships from
    Dennis Smebakken-SD
    Don Nickerson-NY Buys at New Holland Ships to Canada
    Don Wright-KY
    Dorian Ayache, Lebanon, TN owner of the 36 horses involved in trailer wreck on their way to slaughter

    ELDON TOWNSEND — KB and Raises Horse for Slaughter outside of Corbett, Oregon along the I-5 Freeway

    Frank Carper
    Fred Bauer-Oh
    Garry Morris
    George Baker-OK
    IW Ward-Texas
    Jack Guir
    Jack Hannah- MN
    Jack Paluso-OR
    Jack Reinert-SD
    Jason and Buck Ryan-KY
    Jeff Smith-KS
    Jeron Gold-MI
    Jodie Ramey-KY
    Joe Simon-MN
    John White
    Josh McKay-WV
    Kelsey Lefever – “horse trainer” has sent over 120 horses to slaughter
    Landfair Brothers-OH
    Larry Gregory
    Leroy Baker-OH
    Les and Jack Ryan-WA
    Manny Phelps-CA
    Mike O’Connal SD
    Monte Clark
    Monzerat Munoz-TX
    Ole Olson, Meadow Valley Ranch, Elko, Nv.
    Randal Patrick and daughter
    Randy Musick-SD
    Randy Smith-KS
    Ray Barrett (Barry)-CA (Stockton – Turlock area)
    Richard Godbout-MN
    Ron Andio-OH
    Ryon Simon-MN
    Sam Slusher
    Samantha Panayotopulos Milbredt runs the website Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales
    Ted Kerst-WA
    Terry Lee Brooke-MO
    Terry Saulters-Texas
    Trent Ward – TX Charlie Carter – CO
    Vern Ring-NJ (phone # is 609 992 6740)
    Wade Giles-CA
    Chuck Walker

    Landfair Bros. SL Stables, Oh.
    The Landfair Brothers attend the Sugarcreek, Oh auction. They also advertise in a little paper called “The Vender,” that sits on a bench at the auction. He is listed on the list of licensed livestock dealers for the state of Ohio. He also uses the name SL stables. Ohio livestock dealer # for 2007 is 99. He has a brother that is also on the list of dealers. His brothers name is Donald E. Landfair 4899 E. Moreland Rd. Fredericksburg, Oh 44627 330-698-1363 Holems County, Oh.Livestock dealer license No. for 2007 is 114.

    Daily Farms Dot# 7877912 Plates off of trailer
    Ole Olson Xena/Zena
    787912? right dot # for Dairy farms truck

    Ole Olson — 1 Frontier Drive, Elko, Nevada 89801 also business: Meadow Valley ranch Supply, trailer logo also, on horse trailer.

    Add Tony Nafe to the list, out of S. Alabama. Gets around to many BLM holding facilities and buys 3 strikers by the truckload. BLM even reserves horses for him.

  3. … now we are getting right down to it. Not that previously we all have. Not. But now the stark territory between life adorning & death / kill for $ is front & center. ( adorning is a f I r m I n g

  4. … sometimes / most times : it takes precious time for most of us to anit ( recognize) the … obvious. The way of the Ostrich is a bygone stance no longer acceptable or …

  5. If your gunna post things about me u better make sure your facts are right ! I’ve gots your name and copy’s of this slander i will sue your butts ! That’s like me saying I’ve seen half naked kids on your face book and then turn around and post a statement that you look at kiddy porn! But all you animal activist are that way ! You feel that is ok to slander people and get away with it well your wrong and your nothing but dirt bags ! What’s wrong with you people ? Maybe Miss waren is scared that all the truths came out about the bill being covered up ! Maybe some one should look into his 501c3 and see what he is hiding . Or see how he is using all them donation on the hand full of rescues he has ! Maybe some one is watching you Allen .

    • Allen’s not here, not that I expect you to be able to figure that out.

      You don’t know anything about libel or slander. If you can find half-naked kids on my timeline, you’d be perfectly justified in alerting the authorities. Meantime, better get to bed. You’ve got a busy day of horse-killing tomorrow.

  6. Everyone who knows Sabrina and her work in connection with Auction Horses knows her association with Mr. Nowlin. He is in a business that no horse advocate likes, but what he does for a living is legal, at least for now. He can gather endless numbers of horses from all types of sources and ship them to slaughter without those horses ever getting a 2nd chance to live if he wanted to, and I guess that would be the preference of some of you who like to continuously bash Sabrina for the work she does. This bill – clearly Mr. Nowlin was aware of it. I think it should be shared for everyone see and I see nothing wrong with Sabrina sharing it on his post. We all get to have a voice in this, right? Don is not all together wrong in his statements about the aftermath if this bill passes because while I too would like to see slaughter stopped…what is going to happen to all of these unwanted horses then? Do you have room at your house to take in your share of the unwanted horses? Do you have unlimited funds to pay for their food or vet bills or donate to those of us willing to take in sick or injured horse to rehab them or put them down if needed? People dump these horses every single day. People starve these horses because they cannot afford to feed them, every single day. Breeders – don’t get me started but they are out of control with their culling practices. There are a lot of responsible breeders out there, but there are also a lot of backyard breeder and breeders to breed for 50 babies to get a few that are the “quality” they are looking for to make the big dollars. The rest get dumped, and oftentimes with their mothers before the babies are old enough to be weaned? Why? What would possess the jerk of an owner to dump a mare and foal? Personally, I find those people to be the ones I see as scum. These other horses are left out to pasture and not bothered with until the breeders decide it’s time to get rid of them and then guess what…these horses are yearlings, two and three year olds and often not halter broke or handled and are sent through auctions loose. Most are never bid on except by the meat buyers. How many people exactly that go to these auctions go there with the intent to buy and load up an unhandled horse to take home and then spend who knows how much time trying to work with it. Very few. I’ve gotten my share of horses from Don, including a couple that landed with him that were not handled, and I will tell you that he is not the evil person everyone tries to make him out to be. He is always the one under attack because he’s a known entity and the only reason he’s known is because he is one of the few meat buyers that allow a horse to be purchased before shipping. If that act allows him to make more money off the sale – I couldn’t care less. Not many meat buyers allow for it – they just quietly do their business and avoid the drama. I have 7 horses that I absolutely adore that ended up at that feedlot and if not for Don letting Sabrina do what she does they would not be alive today. There needs to be more than just this bill and if this bill passes without other mechanisms in place to deal with the number of unwanted horses out there, we’ll have an entirely new worry on our hands and it won’t take long before we begin to see the impact. There needs to be restrictions and limitations and fees and taxes for these breeders. If you make them more financially impacted by breeding – maybe they will think twice about the numbers they are producing and maybe, just maybe, that could be a start to reducing the numbers of horses being dumped. If the effect is that the breeders ask more for their horses because there are fewer available – then fine. Back to Sabrina. I get so tired of seeing her getting bashed. If you watch the horses listed, and there are actually quite a few, everything that Sabrina does takes time, a lot of time. Frankly – I think we all should be paying her for the time she invests driving back and forth to that lot (and others) taking photos, assessing the horses, posting them all online, responding to the hundreds upon hundreds of phone messages and emails and Facebook posts every day, at all hours, helping to arrange transport…and on and on. Would you do all that for nothing? I wouldn’t – as much as I love these horses and hate to see them ship, I could not commit that sort of time or effort. Most of us wouldn’t be able to because we have to work for a living. Would you do it for money? You say that when us “bleeding heart” suckers buy these horses from Don, through Sabrina, all we’re doing is helping them pocket more money. If Don sells a horse to me for $500…is it him that is pocketing the extra money over and above what he would get selling that horse for meat? Does Sabrina get a share? She has adamantly stated she does not get any money from the sales of these horses and many of us believe that and despite all of the multitude of allegations such as this one made against her over the years that she does get some sort of kickback…not once has anyone provided any proof of that. HOWEVER, even if she did…and I’ve said it before, with all the time she puts in and the work she does to allow these horses to be seen…I’d have no problem with it her getting some percentage of the sale. If not for her efforts the sale of that horse, regardless of the sale price, would be to a meat plant instead of to a home.

    • No one is making wild accusations if they are telling the truth. And the fact is that the resources wasted by sending money to scam rescues and KBs could be applied to lobbying efforts to get legislation passed that would definitively end the whole kill pen/horse slaughter situation. Or use the funds for the purchase of horses before they get to the kill buyer. It is time for horse lovers to do some hard thinking on what their priorities are and where they want to apply their resources. It really boils down to perpetuating the problem by feeding money to KBs and their accomplices, or solving the problem by applying your time and money to passing legislation to ban horse slaughter.

      This is an advocacy page, like so many other pages on FB. No one in the advocacy movement is obligated to show our detractors what plans we are undertaking under the guise of “fairness.”

      People who believe that kill buyers and their accomplices work for free are deluded. You may feel that all these hangers-on spend their days blow-drying newborn unicorn foals, helping butterflies out of their cocoons, and cross-pollinating flowers, but everybody is gettin’ paid. From the kill buyer and his “staff” of horse pimps, to the vets who overcharge for coggins, shippers and others providing quarantine and board, they are making bank.

      Read about AC4H and their downfall.

  7. Another home run, spot on and time for folks to get the job done once and for all. Sick of sentient beings being treated as a throw away commodity by greed filled, blood lusting sub humans. Job well done Heather!

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