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  1. Hi Heather, i was a foster kid that lived with the Wagschals in around 1975,i took a drive up to the old farm one day last year only to see that it had turned into a ghost farm as well as the 2 house,looked like kids were using them to party in. What a cool story you wrote there,i still remember Les had a horse by the name i think ZoZo his stallion and his favourite pet,i remember he was white and his stall was on the left at the very back in the barn that was attached to the indoor riding area,that horse made me relieze what a relationship a man and horse could have after seeing the things Les could make that horse do so easily,I see Les has passed on,Do you happen to know if Marny is still Alive?Love to say hello to her its been 40 years i hope she still wijth us.

    • Hi Jeff, good to “meet” someone else who had a connection to Les. Marny lives in Cedar Valley I believe.

      Did you mean the stallion VooDoo? He wasn’t a grey though…

      Les and Marny had a few stallions when I was there – his oldest stallion was Amoura who was humanely euthanized after Les passed away, as was Mishkoh.

      I dread the day that the farm is razed for houses. It’s been a couple of years since I wrote that blog and there’s been no recent progress in terms of development.

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