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Keep Calm And Flashmob!


keep-calm-and-flash-mob-8Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

What I love about the flashmobs is that they are planted by a seed and are typically organic and truly amateur in nature.  Yet they are also characteristic of a combination of military efficiency, complete anonymity, rapid communication and organization by internet. Normally, they occur without a specific purpose other than to be short-lived and fun and sometimes even baffling, with the purpose being left up to the interpretation of the viewers.

We’ve all seen video of the Hallelujah chorus at the food mall court, the no-pants subway ride, or the flashmob that gathered to cheer on a little boy on a carousel.  But unlike the typical flashmob, horse advocates today held their own single-issue mobilization which took place on talk show host Craig Ferguson’s Facebook page.   If you thought flashmobs were viral, you’ll never believe what one Facebook member was able to accomplish with a simple but creative idea, a Facebook group, and proactive friends and friends of friends.

Last Friday, Craig Ferguson presented a comedy routine to express his dislike for horse meat being found in burgers. He started out making name tags for all stage staff. He also made a name tag for “Secretariat” his show mascot.  Secretariat’s badge said “NOT BURGER MEAT.”late-show-craig-ferguson

Of course, this Craigy Ferg skit was in response to the great 2013 horsemeat scandal, where Europe is now collectively gagging after discovering the  massive introduction of horsemeat into the food chain now spreading throughout the world.  Major supermarket chains were found to be selling beef products that contained horse meat. Burger King sourced thousands of burgers from the same Irish beef supplier, and Findus “beef” lasagna was found to contain 100% horse meat.

gangnamst1Horse lovers response to the issue of horse slaughter was enough to make a cowboy’s head spin when hundreds of  horse lovers “mobbed” the Facebook page to say “neigh” to horsemeat.  I stopped counting at 300 pics, which galloped past our goal of 100 photos.  I’m sure we left more than a few clueless onlookers gaping in the background on Ferguson’s Facebook page.  Be sure to visit the page and “like” our photos.  And please remember to thank Craig Ferguson (and like his Facebook page) for indulging our Facebook Flashmob!

Well done horse lovers!

Finally,  I’d like to add that we’ve had a successful event – like a true flashmob we must now go quietly into the night.  Mr. Ferguson and his staff have been more than kind in permitting our 400+ posts,  and we don’t want his staff to have to put on the show tunes as a signal that our event is over!  Anyway,  we have tried to reciprocate that kindness new Facebook “likes”,  Twitter followers,  and I’m sure new viewers!  I count myself among those….Thanks to everyone!