Godbout Express Observed Shipping Horses To Canada On Long Holiday Weekend

Gadbout Express

It is permissible for horses to travel up to 36 hours enroute to slaughter


Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

Photos and video credit:  Rob Boisvert

On Friday, May 15th, two Godbout Express transports of horses were observed at an out-of-the-way truck stop in Marysville, Ontario by animal activist Rob Boisvert of Refuge RR in Alexandria Ontario. In listening to the video, it is evident that the drivers appear to be trying to mislead Boisvert and his friend, by telling them that they are enroute from Ohio (probably Sugarcreek Auction) to New Brunswick. They are actually headed to Quebec, and this is proven by a photo taken of one of the trailers which shows a CFIA seal – meaning that the truck cannot be opened until it reaches its destination at one of the two slaughter plants in that province. There are no provincially-registered horse slaughter facilities in New Brunswick.





Monday is a statutory holiday throughout most of Canada. The video was taken about 7 pm Friday. From Marysville (near Belleville, ON), it is possibly 5 hours drive or longer (with holiday weekend traffic) to either Les Petite Nations (in St. Andre-Avellin, PQ) or Richelieu ( in Massueville, PQ) slaughterhouses.  The horses would arrive very late the same day or possibly the next day.  We can only wonder what time they expected to get there?  Were the horses to be unloaded somewhere and rested?  According to a 2011 article in Better Farming,  “slaughter-bound shipments will be accepted only during the CFIA’s regular hours of operation…”  Therefore,  we can only take that to mean that unless arrangements were made to offload horses on Friday night, there would be no CFIA inspectors at the plant until TUESDAY, May 19th – more than three full days later!  The horses, unless unloaded somewhere (and by necessity breaking the CFIA seal), would have to stay on the trailer until that time – a horrifying possibility.  Would they be watered or fed? Already many of the horses are standing in the trailers with heads hanging low…

CFIA seal


Godbout Express is a repeat offender with the CFIA. The CFIA has most recently issued the company Notices of Violation  of Part XII of the Health of Animals Regulations for $7,800 during the period of October to December 2014, with total fines of $45,600 in both current and past reporting periods.

A check of US DOT #648752 reveals that Godbout Express has incurred two violations already in 2015 in the United States, with similar violations in 2014.

 2015 Violations:

HOS Compliance Violation:  395.3A3-PROP Driving beyond 11 hour driving limit in a 14 hour period. (Property Carrying Vehicle)
HOS Compliance Violation:  395.3A2-PROP Driving beyond 14 hour duty period (Property carrying vehicle)

Given the company’s propensity to incur violations,  further investigation with the CFIA will be necessary to determine when these horses arrived and were actually offloaded.


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CFIA Report

The CFIA site does not explain what species have been involved in these transport violations.


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  1. Thank you for pursuing this. Too bad the bastard has God in his name, should be devil! So sad for all our precious horses. Stop over-breeding, foal milling, at the American citizens expense, AQHA, and the TB racing world!!!!!
    We will not allow our tax money to be used to kill horses anymore, pass the SAFE Act.

  2. A few sweet words are the last kindness these horses receive. Sealed in a truck without food or water for over 3 days. Not to mention the traffic the driver is referring to.. stop and start traffic with sudden braking to avoid cars, most likely causing these horses to slip or fall, or worse, break a leg.
    This cruelty has to end. Probably some beautiful horses on that truck and their only fault is no one
    wanted them, or were unaware they needed help. All of them deserve better than this end.

    • the photo shows the trucks vin etc. if others have been fined for transporting why not these trucks?? will they get fined? so awful im sick. they are suffering so bad then the the real horror comes terrifying

    • You’re suggesting that dozens of shipments of horses to two plants be sabotaged on a weekly basis, and the horses spooked into running off in any direction? Would solve nothing and probably the horses would get hit by cars.

      • Heather, I have a deep respect for your diligence in pursuing this travesty and for how you are so attentive to mindless comments. All I can do now is “share”, but I’m working toward something much more meaningful and productive.

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  4. Has anyone heard anything at all about the EU stopping US horses being brought across the border from the US? I’m in the US but right now there seems to be no new information out there. They were supposed to have stopped US horses from being excepted at the Mexican plants on Jan 15, 2015. But after that date they were still allowing them to cross to Mexico long after Jan 15.

    • No, I haven’t heard anything, but have been waiting also. I believe the date for the moratorium on selling Mexican horsemeat was March 15th. Are they shipping US horses to the municipal plants?

    • The problem with the Mexico plants is that the EU is not the only buyer of horsemeat so it didn’t shut the plants down entirely. The other countries are still purchasing horsemeat from Mexico so it’s business as usual…..😥

  5. These are not unwanted horses. Unfortunately for these souls, a broker or Kill Buyer purchased them at auction or bought them from an individual pretending to be a loving buyer. They are liars and deceivers. Take a Kill Buyer out of the equation and horses would end up in a real home. Call and write your congressmen to help pass HR 1942 2015 and put an end to a Kill buyers business of death!!!

    • You are so right Tanya. Take the killbuyer/broker out of the equation and the horses would find themselves in good homes, anyone mistreating them would be found out soon enough and lose the privilege of living with horses. The way it is now, teh cruelty starts with uncontrolled and unthinking breeding.

      • Agree! Regulate breeding and you no longer have an overpopulation. That is where the true problem lies. The KB is only filling a (need) 😕

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  7. Please people how long can this go on this is just not right I am a horse loved I own horses I could no let this happen to my horses they Wil be with me till they Die

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